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Killing must come out fox three

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nine fox Ali because of its hero character, strokes a plurality of displacement skills, become one of the most show heroes in the league. Faker as the first person in the hands of the LOL sector, Ali is also very tough, play devil Ali what is the secret?

damage type displacement Rocket Belt

we found that Faker play Ali Love Rocket Belt of this equipment. And is used frequently in the game, and achieved good results. So

than before the all star game, LPL and LCK all star on the war, Faker on the use of Ali and make the rocket belt show:

Ali alone will double C LPL plus auxiliary three people fight to residual blood and, out of a dual C flash and LPL team make the big move, subsequent output No. Then use the last paragraph Ali R Shift + Flash complete escape. The focus here is

Rocket Belt ultra high AOE damage, and timely set to Ali weak ball girl. Therefore, in the absence of Q, not only to fight the enemy behind the back of all the people, but also the successful evacuation of residual blood.

rocket belt provides the basis for property is very good: the value of life, and reduce the cooling method, these are the very need of ali.

focuses on the active skills "fire bomb", which provides a small displacement while also providing a substantial amount of AOE damage. for Ali, the rocket belt is equivalent to fourth strokes she displacement.


a lot of game player is not good use of skills as the one of the reasons is: no reasonable use of Ali's skills, that is to say, the order is too vague using collocation skills. If we add a rocket belt can take the initiative to use, it is a hurry.

here, the wind Xi simply use a few pictures to teach us the specific use of the rocket belt, easy to use. Specific content can refer to video learning.

melee Rocket Belt

when you need to kill the enemies of the distance, close to the enemy with two R, and then the rocket belt sticks face damage, the last paragraph to R.

sequence: RR+ +E+QR

belt with ALI hit Rocket Belt cheek hurt after a cheek for EZ to walk with charm will escape, followed by a Q.

advantage is the ability to easily hit, there is a small drawback is that the two segment of the Q to fly back to the trajectory of the slow, can not instantly hit the damage, the team is likely to be robbed of blood......

closure belt

two Q above Ali waiting to fly back to close the head injury, were teammates repaired one to steal. In some cases, however, the rocket belt can be used to compensate for damage.

sequence: RR+E+Q class= "img_box" id= belt

Faker in the team support, close to the ball female with R displacement, keep a rocket belt distance, first with the E charm, instantaneous ground rocket belt and then fly out in Q.

instant high burst directly accept the residual blood head, and then the last section of R evacuated to a safe location. Second

Ali Q pull the ball skill is the real damage, and Q skills and skill requirements: Ali enemy maneuver and the ball in the key time last 3.1. Because

two Q is to fly back to Ali on the body, so the displacement trajectory skills change Q skills is a very practical skills, which we call the "pull the ball".

reason why each cast always keep the last section of R displacement, or flash, this is because the shot in the Q skill, the key time point of two Q back to the displacement, "pull the ball" condition.

sequence: WR+ +EQ+R

Faker Ali here with R and Rocket Belt play on the offensive after injury, E was out of place foreign skills. Then hit a guarantee in Q Faker moment of a snake woman walk angle Q. Because

is not so go to the top of snake woman charm, trying to avoid the two Q fatal injuries, and then move counter. The key point here, R displacement to Snake Lady Faker above, the formation of a new "3.1", the two section Q injury hit, kill the snake!

" as the key to pull the ball, so the displacement skills are very important in battle! Choose rocket belt because it a small displacement in the process of fighting more, to "pull the ball" technique can be without reservation to use it to complete the instant kill

! < / b>

" which is a set of equipment Faker is the commonly used equipment, a total of 40% full cooling reduction, and high strength spell.

Lich for skills in the use of the process, like interspersed with the general attack players are very suitable, you can play a very high damage. As the skilled high degree of game player can use

" for some pure skill output game player, this equipment will be recommended: CD shoes, shoes into the Lich into battle, 6 pieces of ice blue method glyph the words "growth cooling down" glyph. This can improve the skill hit rate, but also can improve some pure skill damage.

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