Chen face was as the sun daughter scolded friends: only dare not bask in the sun daughter wife

Chen Hyuk daughter photos wife friends IG

qianzhanwang· 2017-01-03 08:52:39


Chen and Zhang Zixuan airness and gave birth to a female, two people are friends much attention every act and every move. Today, Chen Chen drying out her daughter's photos in IG, attracted a lot of friends onlookers bless the child can grow up healthy. On the afternoon of January 2nd, Chen Chen on the IG drying out a daughter's half face photos, and wrote: I really miss you". It seems that the work of Chen, the daughter is very miss.


"center" since the upgrade when Dad, Chen became the "father daughter slave", full of his daughter's face half drying out the photos, photos of small princess sleeping with eyes closed, mouth slightly higher, eyelash is to steal the spotlight. Users have onlookers message praise baby is very cute, but there are still many users still can not forgive the derailment derailment, dare to bask in her daughter did not dare to bask in his wife, rely on her daughter wash white". It is reported that Chen Chen IG will be set up as a privacy, users have not previously been concerned about this dynamic.

Chen Zhang Zixuan data figure

Chen Zhang Zixuan data figure


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