U.S. laser weapons to shoot down the rocket 7 dollars, far from the fire has no value

United States rocket distant fire laser

tengxunjunshi· 2016-04-30 09:24:43

< p > the author: Hou know health < / P > < p > rocket / > due to the use of multiple design, do not need regular body tube artillery recoil and counter recoil and ammunition loading process. So in a short period of time of burst firing rate is very alarming, only in terms of power, a rocket on top to many traditional traction fire gun salvo effect. But the Rockets has its own defects: tenon is far better than the gun tube, especially the long-range, and the price is more expensive than ordinary shells too much the.

range reached 300 kilometers of the A300 rocket launcher < because it cost to put in there, the long-range rocket gun must be played only then has the practical value and to play must be very expensive. This situation is bound to lead to a problem: if the other party has a very cheap and efficient means of interception, then the expensive Rockets will lose its meaning. < p > in a long time, the traditional air defense systems are powerless: flak interceptor rockets is funny, air defense missile system at a time before with anti missile capabilities also of rocket of such small size target interception efficiency is not high, and cost more worthwhile, millions of dollars of missile to intercept rockets for hundreds of thousands of yuan, how do you spell down?

led: a photographic record of the normal state can be saw laser irradiation, ablation and detonated the target speed is very fast. Although the laser must be to prolonged exposure to burn through hard shell outer structure, warhead, to ignite the explosives, but time is not long. The total time needed for a laser weapon is still shorter than the firing of artillery shells and missiles to intercept.

America shipborne laser air defense systems < but solid of high-energy laser weapon (electricity only, do not burn fuel chemistry), breaking completely out of the situation. For example, the United States a new shipborne laser weapon, although the purchase price is very high, but the cost of a single emission not to $1, even the money to a small caliber shells are far less than. And this type of solid state lasers have a strong ability to work continuously, the United States has been up to 100 hours of continuous light test records.

and in the future, the large-scale application of laser air defense system is an irresistible trend. And corresponding, the rocket itself is difficult to further enhance the ability to survive on their own: the complex flight control strategies or stealth technology penetration, the long withstand high energy laser beam design measures, cost either unacceptable (the money enough to do serious high performance surface to surface missile), or do not come down.

large caliber long-range rockets, the future there is much room for development? I'm afraid it's not very optimistic.

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