After the wedding is so sweet! Joseph Lau Gambi funny photos


fenghuangyule· 2017-01-03 11:00:33

New Year's day comes, the stars go out to dinner to celebrate the arrival of the new year! On the evening of 31, businessman Joseph Lau (Liu Gambia) with the new wife (Chen Kaiyun) to take the cars around 9:20 Maybach reaching the landmark. In 6 bodyguards wearing a mask into a restaurant in the mall to celebrate one of the bodyguards, first white towel in the hand, let Liu hold on and also, aside from the side arm Gambi husband, daughter Liu Xiuhua in tow side, down the stairs, Liu told reporters after more pictures of them: "you have to be careful! "(Graphic / visual China)

reporter asked whether they have a new year's wish in? As well as the newly married feelings? They did not respond. Then they turn into the elevator to the restaurant, the reporter called "Happy New Year", which is nice, with a smile the Gambia, Gambia dressed in a nude lace gown waist appearance, beautiful figure like a goddess.

Joseph Lau and Gambia intimate photo, very affectionate.

Joseph Lau gumbi a drive away.

Joseph Lau gumbi funny photos.

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