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The side of Shameng yan! Sweet sweet sweet sweet praise to grandma painting


wangyiyule· 2017-01-03 11:02:07

entertainment NetEase reported on January 3rd the evening of January 2nd, Li Xiaolu's mother Zhang Weixin drying out a granddaughter to paint pictures in micro-blog attention to sweet sweet sweet sweet, beautiful and healthy in 2017 with the text of blessing. In the photo, wearing a lovely sweet and fragrant meatball head, is the paper paint, looked serious and cute, big eyes looked intently at the painting, exposing the face is also very beautiful.

netizens see sweet sweet photo, netizens have run to the comments area, "I hope Dabao really good-looking woman, beautiful! "Wuli Ms. Jia Yunxin is so cute. "Daughter Li Xiaolu also came to commented," love your granddaughter! "

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