Fan Bingbing: willing to spend money on Li Chen I wear what is beautiful

Fan Bingbing Li Chen money media interview

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-03 12:14:39

" recently, Fan Bingbing Li Chen told a media interview, talked about the two sweet love, feeding the dog food users at the same time, users have been caught one upright Fan Bingbing real. When asked at what places are most willing to spend money, sweet Fan Bingbing said, "I am the most willing to buy something for him, then he changed the subject," I'm beautiful, wear what is good, if not famous, people will feel good. "When

talked about Li Chen's strengths and weaknesses, Fan Bingbing was generous," I think he has a lot of advantages, basically, I think he is a very honest person. Disadvantages, perfect, no shortcomings, is too pale eyebrows. Netizens who saw the interview after have said, "Li Chen even despise it too sweet face! "There are also friends that Fan Bingbing," anyway, I'm beautiful, capture, comment comment, "anyway, I'm beautiful! Fat ice you win! Look at the text questions and answers are very happy! "

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