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The end of

2016, because the other Wang Sicong Faye Wong occupied several days headlines, Faye Wong concert ended, husband Ruo open life winner, had played a rich two generations the glamorous life of ~

" recently, some users exposed, Wang Sicong went to Maldives to pack a a small island, and the team together and celebrate the birthday of this year, with a lot of game host, this is in the island team opened the black rhythm?

package under an island traffic inconvenience What should I do? No, we have a private jet.

" good gay friend Yuan Chengjie micro-blog in the drying out of the picture "img_box"

zoom also found a LOL professional game player Song Yijin Bryant, South korea.

is indeed the line out of the champion, the game played well, but also to get the favor of her husband, ah,. Discipline committee secretary is to bring into the entertainment circle?

"? The plane is not beside the spice beans get son, King's woman changed again?

users according to Sicong husband to catch big fish, a happy face

" to see the handsome husband yingzi fish are low head

Wang fishing back but they say handsome, want to go fishing with his little wife to give a hand. "~

Wang Sicong was born in Dalian in January 3, 1988, today is the birthday of her husband! To let us wish Wuli green Happy birthday.

exposure on the invitation English reads "king of festival", also shows that from December 31st to January 4th to Chris, an island in the Maldives, even the package for 5 days, just a day after day in "island", this is the legendary people don't cross ~

"the envy of all the users, this is what you should do things, finally opened the two rich generation mode of life! "

Maldives pack an island how much money? Juvenile curiosity checked: 2014, Saudi Crown Prince Salman pack Maldives 3 Island five-star resort, not to spend a month at a time when the yuan is close to 180 million.

Wang Sicong bag can be more than just an island resort, but a whole island. In addition, the time is in the world pay attention to the holiday - 2017 new year period, the island for the past 5 days, the conservative estimate is also to tens of millions.

" in Maldives as a string of pearls scattered in India ocean, it is reported that with the global climate deterioration, this is a dying country. With rare and expensive, the tropical seaside amorous feelings and beautiful scenery attracts many people to come to vacation every year.

Julian Cheung

Huang Xiaoming AB

" in the more beautiful than paradise, high price and consumption even ordinary stars are not Hold. Chariene Choi (a SA) before going to Maldives for vacation, she said in an interview: Maldives is really too expensive! A can of soda is $25 ≈ 173 yuan, the cheapest meal to eat pizza, have to be $more than 1 thousand ≈ $1000. "

although the Maldives scenery is very beautiful, but a Sa every day to see the bill, she was surprised:" ah? Xinrudaoge. "

no contrast there is no harm, to see a Sa revenue. A few years ago was a year that she Kuangzhuan 30 million,

o Sa paycheck hundreds of millions, 7 digits, 2 years ago received a "prostitute", made her popular actress award, although not winning, her performance is remarkable. It is reported that she was particularly fond of seeing the play, only received about 400000 Hong Kong dollars fee.

more than 100 cans of soda, pizza, a little 1000, no wonder Yang Zi and the parents of a family of three to play for a few days, spent hundreds of thousands, are enough to buy a car, germany.

no wonder Wuli green times entertainment tear. If you spend tens of millions of Wang Sicong pack Maldives island a few days, then only the estimated cost of a Sa packet Island year-round did not earn back, if all the costs under the package accompanying the team, it is full of confidence. The other end of Ni

Wang Sicong birthday party was beans have children exposed. Almost at the same time in the island of Wang Sicong, the son of the bean Instagram issued a document: the world's most easy thing is to push a person. "

day gululu, is the children of the beans get pushed to Cong Wuli? Wang Sicong's birthday is not to bring beans son, who pushed in the end who?

ridicule beans get son hair this characters feel like high school students after breaking up hair that QQ space users feel or beans have children was kicked, to be taken to the birthday party, began to show.

" last year Wang Sicong's birthday in Sanya, husband seems spot "img_box"

" was invited 150 famous for tropical island, a good gay friend gossip girl have arrived at the scene, it is reported that Wang Sicong was responsible for hundreds of guests to Sanya birthday scene Apple mobile phone computer basic necessities of life, everywhere, my hotel has been changed into Internet cafes.

" at that time also seems to have bean team ranks. New year's day last year, beans have children drying out a long hair fluttering, filling the sea legs back photos.

also drying out a self timer in the hotel, and with the text: "every day is like summer"

" witty friends see this is Doug in Sanya.

" this past year, will say goodbye to you

beans have children also known as Li Huiyue, born in 1995, 7 years younger than Wang Sicong's sister paper in Sichuan.

beans have children is a student at the Beijing Dance Academy, because of cute, weird and in micro-blog, popular on the web. Also on the mango "every day"

of Wang Sicong bean have children love, money can be reflected, what to buy what the rhythm.

" let the beans get fire a son she is in a webcast, comments the zone was found in Wang Sicong's account of "red and green carp carp and the donkey" said …

really don't understand what

in July this year, two people photographed at night time playing mahjong

", but in October, Wang Sicong was photographed again with a woman, no other people in the street, Cong put his hand on the beauty of the shoulders.

" netizens have pointed out that the woman named Zhang Xiaomeng, 21 years old this year, in the work of Wang Sicong panda TV under the flag.

face looks like a type of Cong love.

" the netizen evaluation, Zhang Xiaomeng is a complex of Sydney and beans have children, beauty is also common ah ~

" two rich generation life is always colorful, thought and beans have children together make small contradictions and no big deal, and Zhang Xiaomeng is probably not quasi gas is to find amusement when the occasion arises beans have children? After all, in July also play mahjong with peas. I did not expect this year's birthday without beans have children, Wuli Cong deal with emotional problems it is difficult to discern the masses eat melon.

who wanted to take his brainy birthday free, eat melon masses do not worry, not wait for "harem group" new host.

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