Exposure Unicom 2016 year-end awards canceled: Group losses

Unicom year-end awards group number of users

kuaikeji· 2017-01-03 13:34:58

news pictures a year of hard work ended, we are looking forward to the year-end bonus and welfare.

, however, for the three operators of Chinese Unicom, has exposed the sad news.

social media appeared suspected Unicom notice shows that the end of the year award canceled 2016, from the group has been reduced to the provinces and cities, in December only a normal payment of wages linked to the liquidation, it seems that there is no performance incentive.

in addition, the notice revealed that China Unicom in 2016 poor efficiency, net profit is negative. If the 2017 Q1 can complete the new revenue and profit targets, year-end bonus is for a certain amount of replacement.

in fact, on the plight of China Unicom, has data to do support.

latest November operations report shows that China Unicom 4G users only 99 million, less than 1/5 of the near mobile, not as good as Telecom's 117 million. What's worse, China Unicom unexpectedly appeared in November net 70 thousand reduction in the number of broadband users in three, and a full range of bottom.

2017, 900M and 4G for China Unicom's heavy plow, fixed speed drop charges and 5G card, the way is long, is not optimistic.

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