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wrote: face soon the birth of a large number of baby boomers who have retired from the situation, especially in information technology and manufacturing department

"that will benefit both of us, because he is skilled, but we lack these things" in

Steelcase is located in Michigan, Kent Wood's factory, David &bull Watson (David; Warsen) with hundreds of machines for repair and maintenance, which includes both the pressing machine has been 50 years of history, there is also a new laser cutting machine. Recently, a press to stop working, the 39 year experience of the chief electrician, only a few minutes to identify and solve the problem. Therefore, when the stage in 2017 2 but the 65 year old Watson decided to join the company's retirement program, rather than work directly away, his boss was relieved. Watson had to work six days a week (including a lot of Saturday, sometimes there will be problems in the production line, the machine needs to be repaired), and now work for four days a week, a total of 30 hours.

factory manager Steve &bull CEO Kerr (Steve; G Kempker) said, "this will benefit both of us, because he is experienced and skilled, but we lack these things, also need to teach these younger workers; at the same time, he did not stop the work immediately, immediately retired. "In the next 35 years, there will be a total of 800 employees of the statutory retirement age of up to 1/4. Watson said, "so, I also have a chance from the intense work schedules take a relax, getting used to the next chapter of life. "Now he spends more time on golf and cycling.

now has 10 thousand baby boomers reach the age of 65 a day on average, all businesses are looking for ways to those experienced employees too quickly to the Exodus, the hope that these people can put their knowledge to the couple before leaving. Including Memphis's first horizon national company (First Horizon National) and Richmond Bon Secours Virginia (Bon Secours Virginia Health health system System), many companies are to their old employees to provide part-time work and more flexible schedules, they provide a buffer into retirement. Human Resources Management Association (Society of Resource Management) said that in 2016 14% of U.S. companies to provide employees with formal or informal phased retirement program. In 2012, the proportion was only 10%.

"if you want to keep innovation and customers the best way of doing things, relationships, more companies need to do so," Milken future aging Center (Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging) chairman Paul • Erwin (Paul Irving) said. "And old employees to accept this approach, most of them still want to continue to participate in the affairs of the company and continue to work, just in a different way. "

is not the same way

each company is not the same as the implementation of phased retirement. In Bon Secours, reached the retirement age of full-time employees can be converted into a working week of 16 to 24 hours; in the first horizon, will retire in three years, employees can take the work time is shortened to 20 to 30 hours a week, if they can complete their work during that time, to guide the new. And will continue to stay in the company to three years.

"it is reasonable to arrange a transitional phase rather than a direct departure, especially for a leader. "Executive vice president John • (John Daniel). His company has a staff of 35 years of work experience, the employee will begin to stage retirement, his successor has been selected, and she will continue to stay in the company to guide the new. Daniel said, for the people and the work process, she has decades of experience, I do not want to leave the knowledge so that the company, despite leaving her while the need to hire a successor to the company to pay higher costs. "

"because realized soon face the birth of a large number of baby boomers who have retired from the situation, especially in information technology and manufacturing departments, so the Steelcase from 2012 began to implement phased retirement. At present, the company has about 800 employees have reached the statutory retirement age, or working years to meet the retirement requirements, accounting for 15% of the total number of employees in the United states. At present, there are 47 people choose phased retirement.

people who are interested in choosing a phased retirement must elaborate on what they want to do - at least half a year and not more than two years - and explain why it is good for the company. A manager gets permission to work one day a week to complete a project and to provide guidance for his successor. Global talent management Vice President Laurent • Bernard (Laurent Bernard) said, "we require employees to submit business case, how to explain the implementation of phased retirement, and why do they and the company is good.

this arrangement requires the old staff and managers to negotiate and adjust. At Steelcase, Watson electrician must get used to a new way of working, when problems arise, he no longer need to personally. "Sometimes I feel like I'm being isolated from the mainstream of the Department," he says. "It's good to see someone take over the job,"

said. Just like parents let go. "

at first, he and the boss disagree at work schedule. J M F Kerr said that Watson had hoped to work early on Thursday, Friday, but this is not suitable for our work arrangements". Two people finally agreed, Watson rest on Monday, the weekend three days of rest, but when the most busy to go to work.

J M F Kerr believes that leaving skilled workers such as Watson is very important. The factory, which produces more than 5000 desks, tables and filing cabinets every day, has a training program for millennials, but lacks the staff of the X generation. "There's a big fault in the middle, so we have to make the more than and 60 year old work longer. "Kerr," said the gram. He has three employees who are undergoing phased retirement. "This is like a maintenance equipment: can not turn a blind eye to the problem, let it break down. "

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