Zong Qinghou tore Ma China's economy led to the discussion of virtual reality


shidaizhoubao· 2017-01-03 13:35:59

2016 at the end of the year, in a China about how the economy off the virtual discussion ", Ma Yunhe Zong Qinghou played.

took the lead is veteran entrepreneur Zong Qinghou. In the CCTV financial channel broadcast the "dialogue" program, on behalf of the real economy entrepreneurs collective attacked Ma's "new retail, manufacturing, finance, new energy new technology," said Mr Zong, over seventy years of age directly expressed disdain for this theory: "in addition to the new technology, several other this is nonsense. "Dong Mingzhu, who was sitting on the other side, said she felt the excitement of the zong".

2016 in December 29th, Ma Yun attended the ten annual conference of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu province ", to take the initiative to talk about the real economy and the virtual economy of the dispute, and that the real economy and the virtual economy is not antagonistic relationship, entrepreneurs must not live in yesterday, complain about tomorrow. China is not the real economy does not work, but those who do not lack of pioneering spirit of the real economy, competition will be more intense in the next 30 years, but will see a lot of new real economy. "Ma Yun's speech, like a total separation of the general response.

according to this view, the real economy and the virtual economy has given their entrepreneurs brought a different brand of two kinds of thinking inherent, or academic dispute, the debate is not debaters "extreme", but can only choose "yes" or "no" one point of view, "compromise" is no longer the debate. Step back, persistent changes in the real economy and virtual economy, the concept of conflict between the two has been alive in the reality of human life, opposing views similar misfits and Ma Zong, in the United States, Japanese entrepreneurs are not uncommon, but people not only live in peace, appeared different degree of fusion of enterprise business process is still in the actual.

but from the perspective of economics, and Ma Yun Zong differences, how many out of technology economics and innovation economics dispute. Muller

is one of the most famous political economists discovered "inventions" and "innovation" contradictions; "economics" the father of Adam · Smith believes that "invention and technological change is the creation of" national wealth "important factors", and the Zong Qinghou identity "new technology" is the core foundation of wealth creation said the same origin.

I don't know if Ma Yun heard, known as the "innovation" father of Inpet "five new", namely the development of new products, the introduction of new production methods, to open up new markets, new materials, new organization established to obtain. Inpet believes that it is a series of innovations to promote economic development. Inpet also believes that the driving force of innovation comes from entrepreneurs - which is the first from the enterprise's technology and economic integration perspective to understand innovation. In contrast,

Ma's "five new" such as personalization, big data, did not exceed the bear Pete "five new" category, which is not a new evaluation of the "new Dong Mingzhu". In fact, real entrepreneurs have been to bear Pete's "new", for another round of "disruptive innovation", to promote the economic wave rise. In fact,

, Zong Qinghou, Dong Mingzhu on the "new" disdain, does not mean they refused to embrace innovation. Zong Qinghou innovation in commercial channels, product development is not inferior, Dong Mingzhu has teamed up with Ma Yun, Liu Qiang east to promote GREE electricity supplier. Real economy entrepreneurs and the virtual economy bigwigs who despise each other, might as well sit together to make money, this is the most harmonious scene. In the final analysis, the virtual economy, dependent on the real economy, obey and serve the real economy, can not deviate from the real economy. It is necessary to see the basic status of the real economy, but can not ignore the reaction of the virtual economy to the real economy.

engaged in industry, at any time in any place is worthy of respect. The importance of the real economy have no need to say more, but that will completely abandon the Internet, pluralistic society has been formed back into single polarization of social thinking, is not.

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Zong Qinghou tore Ma China's economy led to the discussion of virtual reality


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