Men buy 500 thousand insurance after death insurance company: Dutch act without payment

Insurance insurance company man jumping

zhonganzaixian· 2017-01-03 16:32:52

is an online according to the Chuzhou news network reported, a history of Fengyang County, in an insurance company bought 500 thousand of the amount of life insurance and personal accident death insurance, did not think he falls dead after half a year. Cheng's family claims to the insurance company claims, the insurance company to a certain way on the grounds of suicide, refused to pay insurance claims. What is the process of a Dutch act falls to death or accident, which directly involves 500 thousand insurance claims. Recently, the Fengyang County People's court hearing the case in accordance with the law, that the insurance company is not sufficient evidence to prove that the process of the establishment of a suicide statement, according to the law should pay 500 thousand of the insurance premium.

Fengyang County, a man Cheng, Zhongshan in the city of Guangdong for many years. In May 2015, a city in Zhongshan, an insurance company, bought 300 thousand of the life insurance for themselves, as well as 200 thousand accidental death insurance.

unexpectedly, only half a year later, Cheng a thing. In 2015 November, Cheng in Zhongshan city is a new home decoration, falls dead. Afterwards, around a death of a family, and the insurance company has each one sticks to his argument. The insurance company refused the request of a family in the process of a claim, the cause of death, Dutch act grounds, issued a written decision on refusal. To this end, Cheng Cheng will be an insurance company to court.

insurance company believes that the process of a lifetime owed a huge debt, the relevant personnel records as evidence, so his death Dutch act reason. But the process of a family that Cheng falls, alarm records show is a fall from a height, not jumping, and the public security organs have not identified as the cause of death is a Dutch act, only identified as falling, so do not recognize that insurance companies. It is reported that

, Cheng falls, new haven't finished, the lamp has just installed a half to buy a new bed before unpacking. A way to just over thirty, on the telephone, a young daughter, so that a family can not Dutch act in any case. For a cause of death, the family that is in the window of hands, accidentally falls dead.

Fengyang County People's court held that the contract with the insurance company a real and effective, in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract, the insured person is responsible for the exemption of the insurance company. For the insured a cause of death, death certificate issued by the public security department stated in death because "high fall", although the insurance company believes that the process of a series Dutch act but the submission of evidence, not enough to support its defense establishment, the corresponding legal consequences should not bear the burden of the. According to the law, the insurance company shall pay 500 thousand of the insurance premium.

"legal protection of the legitimate rights of beneficiaries. The judge introduced the regulations in our insurance law, any entity or individual shall illegally interfere with the insurer for compensation or insurance payment obligations, or restrict the insured or the beneficiary to receive insurance rights.

judge introduction, the focus of the case, is a certain way of death is suicide, whether it belongs to the insurance contract liability exemption. Although the insurance company believes that a certain department of suicide, but the evidence provided, as well as the identification of the public security organs, is not sufficient to prove a cause of death of the Department of suicide, so to bear the consequences of payment of insurance claims.


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