Taiwan Kangshifu dissolution of the mainland market to learn what?

Taiwan Master Kong mainland marketing.

fenghuangpinglun· 2017-01-03 19:03:34


commentator Yang Guoying

, according to media reports, Taiwan new group confirmed by resolution of the board of directors, Taiwan Kangshifu decision since January 1, 2017 disbanded. Taiwan Master Kong Master Kong Holdings Limited subsidiary, at present, the instant noodles, Tingyi beverage business is mainly concentrated in the mainland. Before

in the area of Taiwan, 2015, Taiwan Kangshifu to entrust other company production and sales of instant noodles in the form of food business, however, affected by the 2014 "oil" incident, in 2015 after the Taiwan Kang Shifu has been out of the food market in Taiwan, the Taiwan Kangshifu dissolution of common sense. At the same time, the dissolution of the company law and other relevant laws and regulations.

however, despite the problem of "oil" incident forced the master in Taiwan has "failed", the mainland business is not significantly affected, it seems to be illogical.

Tingyi reported, the company in 2016 two quarter net profit of $18 million, fell more than 87%. However, not a direct cause of food safety incidents Kangshifu performance plummeted, but the overall China's instant noodles, cigarettes, beer and other FMCG market downturn. The amount of consumption over the same period, China's instant noodles market fell 12.5% year-on-year, Kangshifu performance is more a reflection of the market situation.

master had to withdraw from the Taiwan market, the mainland market aggregation. Although the master said in a statement, the master in the production and sale of products, has never been involved in Taiwan in recent years, the oil in the event, there is no objective research before, we are not good for the quality of the product, master judgment.

" but an objective fact is that Taiwan Kangshifu oil after the outbreak of the incident, although the mainland consumer worries and doubts also increased, but the master of the statement, the food safety supervision department did not respond positively, the supervision of the master also, there is no corresponding strengthening investigation. Because there is no objective and transparent findings, leading to the mainland consumers have not been resolved.

on how to regulate the mainland market regulators, the United States in the Samsung mobile phone explosion actually provides a good example. Samsung Note7 products after the explosion occurred in succession, the product is still selling in the mainland, Samsung's recall policy has deliberately avoided the Chinese market.

in the United States, Samsung announced the recall of products, safety regulators in the United States has launched measures involving more recall request, that the sales of Note7 become illegal, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said, may the investigation was extended to the Samsung line type machine. This is for someone else's products and strict regulatory measures, especially for the investigation of possible security risks associated products, it is the continent is extremely missing.

on the surface, is the master of public boycott forces forced to withdraw from Taiwan, but if there is no good supervision mechanism, the power of the people is small.

Taiwan Kangshifu oil after the outbreak of the incident, people launched the "drowned action", in addition to the consumer, Taiwan government officials, Party members and social organizations also publicly called for a boycott of the new group and Wei Chuan products from the society and the direct pressure regulators, is the real reason Kangshifu belongs to the new group had to bow to the market.

this also shows us that the mainland market regulation must establish a regulatory mechanism to supervise the social market, the market can fully balance the behavior of enterprises.

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Taiwan Kangshifu dissolution of the mainland market to learn what?

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