Taiwan Army: Liaoning ship around the station will strengthen missile deployment

Liaoning ship missile military Eastern

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air defense missile command is currently the only female Patriot missile tractor driving sergeant Peng Ziling

according to Taiwan's "free times" reported on January 3rd, Taiwan's military will put forward planning idea of the new military strategy in March this year, the current "effective deterrence" adjustment "multiple deterrence". The air defense missile command, which is directly under the Ministry of defense, will be transferred to the air force command. The deployment of future missile forces will focus on the eastern region.

in Taiwan, "defense minister Feng Shikuan said, will be" effective deterrence and tenacious defense "as the basis, and the" deterrence "into" multiple deterrence". He said, in preparation for this year Hanguang exercises, verify Taiwan multiple "deterrence" strategy and tactics ability.

he said, "Department of defense" is the weapon system integration, in addition to set up a "deterrent" facilities, will prepare the ground combat, including the replacement of wheeled armored vehicle. At present, the missile will be equipped with an increase in the process, Taiwan Academy of Sciences has embarked on research and development.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry spokesman Chen Zhongji yesterday also pointed out that the organization of the external missile force adjustment, is still under discussion, they will be based on threats, operational requirements, command control and other prudent assessment. The

air defense missile command currently has jurisdiction over three missiles, with patriots type three, type two, type three solid missile, and a certain number of tactical anti missile system (SSM) and two male E cruise missile.

in Liaoning Airlines ships bypass Taiwan eastern waters, a military official said, from the east of Taiwan to enhance the possibility of attack. He said that the future of Taiwan missile forces in addition to the main defense of the north south central three metropolitan area, the deployment will focus on the eastern part of Taiwan.

military officials pointed out that Taiwan Air Force currently has air defense artillery command, the main task of the fortress air defense, air defense missile command transferred to the air force, will be integrated with the air defense artillery command.

air defense missile troops located in the early army, was changed to the Ministry of defense and the headquarters of the Ministry of staff for the missile command. And then in the air force and the staff of the Department of several shifts, with the new military strategic planning ideas released, air defense missile forces will be transferred again.

but it is understood that the tactical anti missile and the male two E cruise missiles, although the air force was transferred together, but how to use these two missiles, or in the hands of the Ministry of defense.

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