Summers shelling Trump economic adviser papers: absurd far more than "voodoo economics"

Summers Trump economic thesis consultant

huaerjiejianwen· 2017-01-04 06:05:39

" on Tuesday, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Laurence · Summers (Lawrence Summers) said, by the two Trump administration officials wrote the absurd far beyond the extent of voodoo economics.

these two were appointed as secretary of Commerce Wilbur Trump Ross, as well as the newly formed White House National Trade Commission official Peter Navarro.

Summers said, Navarro and Ross together to write papers far beyond the logic of voodoo economics, far from any mainstream economic principle, basically equivalent to the economics of creationism (creationism).

"if this paper is a guide to the national policy of the American economy, the idea of this thesis is beyond the aim of any government. "Summers even compares the absurdity of the paper to those who claim to be" skeptical of global warming ".

Summers also warned investors not to risk brought about by the Trump administration is too optimistic, because the market will not be recognized by the Trump administration may bring the "extreme uncertainty", which will cause great risk to the global economy.

also said that Trump's tax policies designed to encourage U.S. companies to reduce capital outflows will not greatly boost the U.S. economy.

Summers said: these companies have overseas accounts in the United States there are a lot of deposits. In fact, these domestic deposits will be used to pay dividends, to shareholders, to buy back shares, to carry out mergers and acquisitions, to re shuffle, rather than to invest in new capital. Capital return will significantly improve capital investment is just a beautiful fantasy. "

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