Richie Ren said the car accident injured humor cannot make love

Richie Ren Ping racing just

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-04 17:25:38

" Richie Ren the car hit the tree

injured according to Taiwan media reports, local time on January 3rd, Richie Ren in Argentina to participate in cross-country motorcycle ride to the world series, the second stage is near the end, but unfortunately the car crash accident. Richie Ren's motorcycle rammed into a tree, the whole people out of the car, but fortunately did not cause illness, is currently in Argentina to heal.

afterwards, Richie Ren also made a long-distance call to his family reported peace, in the local professional medical team to take care of. He said: "sit long distance call the rescue helicopter back to camp, X seized the body, no fracture, ultrasonic examination have no internal bleeding, the doctor said humorously, in addition to back okay, now just can't carry heavy, cannot make love. "

back by accident and was forced to end the game, but Richie Ren said:" not willing to ah! Unwilling to".

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