Fierce! Xiamen there are so many models of God

Xiamen Master Bryant model

haixichenbaoZAKERsha· 2017-01-04 18:49:28

During the first two years of the

, we saw some of the military models of the Xiamen model art show in 2017.

today a look up, science fiction, civil, and other types of Warhammer model works. In fact, the day of exhibitors up to work is not less than the military model, but … … small series of up to know too little … …

also spot a featurette: appeared in scenes of joy - many of the author got the military model exhibition day sweepstakes, the author got the chariot the aircraft model … … organizers asked them to make sure the prize this year to do it, "cross party Xiaobian now look forward to these god".

OK, well, let's start today for the strike gundam!

" this is a PG Strike Gundam works day the Strike Gundam more than one, but poses are the same, because this position is too handsome!

" and the popular PG Unicorn p>

" the unicorn works also added LED light emitting component, show the Unicorn Gundam destruction mode open luminous effect. The small love

" this piece is the exhibition on the non military works, science fiction fans must be able to recognize this is science fiction master Jules & middot; Verne's classic work "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea" the Nautilus (Nautilus).

for science fiction master, the greatest achievement is more than a few years later his fantasy into reality.

"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea" of submarine and fuel cell technology now has become a reality fantasy, one by one, in order to commemorate the masters of science fiction, the U.S. Navy was specifically the first nuclear powered submarine called nautilus.

and the Nautilus works Art beats nature.

roadster model is not only the internal structure, and the surface of the paint to paint repeatedly repeatedly polished, excellence, to get close to the real car reflective effect.

and in the process of grinding the paint worn once mistakes, will have to reinvent the wheel.

so do cars, are the true love of … …

" in fact, there are many worth a look good at the Xiamen model art exhibition, to ask why Tracy didn't show up, it is because small busy watching slobber, forget to take pictures of … &hellip

; the model of thematic exhibition ended, but small series will continue to update on the Xiamen news circle model.

want to see the God of God is how to do?

would you like to learn a variety of production and aging techniques?

please continue to pay attention to!


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