Hundreds of people in the river "part" is owned by the state officials:

Jiangxi coins beach network

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" the villagers dug coins from the beach.

"villagers digging treasure site. (figure according to the network)

class= police have cordoned off the scene of the id= "id_imagebox_2". Hundreds of people gathered in Xingan

- sand beach town has three river

Jia Fang Cun - dig three feet dug a lot of "Qianlong reign of Qing Dynasty" and other words of ancient coins

- police cordoned off the area departments to carry out archaeological excavations recovered Paul

Chinese Jiangxi network Intern Yao Wei, Rao Nan, reporter Shi Peng reported: in recent days, three Town Xingan spade a fashionable. Some do not have many years of farm villagers to pick up a shovel, dig go. The dredging team there are hundreds of feet, go forward with great strength and vigour, even the elderly, children also sent. Their destination is only one - the town had Fang Village Gan River beach. Why do you want to go to the villagers dig? Yesterday, the reporter went to the scene to find out exactly what.

beach dig treasure

villagers why rush to the beach sand? This is from the "treasure".

2016 in December 31st, three home town of Xingan County Dai Lei, the town had heard Fang village of Ganjiang River beach, was dug up the treasure. There are a lot of nearby villagers are armed with shovels, rushed to the scene to "treasure". In a hurry to find a spade

than Dai Lei, rode a motorcycle rushed out of the house. He hurried to the "treasure" of the beach, the scene is huge crowds of people. Yesterday, Dai Lei told reporters, in the villagers to mining, an ancient coin potuerchu. Although he didn't take a spade, but at the edge of the crowd, also picked up about 1 kilograms of copper.

these coins of different sizes, most of them have thrown some yellow patina, and firmly stick together, look very old age. After washing, it can be found that "Qianlong reign" and other words written above.

or nearly 500 kilograms of copper

1 1, after the news spread, three Town Town boiling, the villagers with hitherto unknown speed assembly. The same day in the morning, about 30 square meters of beach, gathered hundreds of villagers. They took a shovel in mining, all eyes, nervous. The bare beach by villagers dug a dozen holes, can only be used to dig three feet to describe it.

"here for the first time found coins, in two weeks ago, is said to have camphor with metal detectors, dug a lot of good stuff here, and swords. "According to Zeng Jia Fang Cun village Ao Jian Hui estimates that there may be nearly 500 kilograms of copper is dug on the beach. One message sent to the Internet, or drying out to dig coins, attracted the attention of the Zhejiang people.

recently, the Zhejiang boss came to the village to buy these coins, from the beginning of the 200 yuan / kg, up to now 700 yuan / kg. But the village did not sell, dare not expose.

confirmation of

"to dig Qi" is now rumored

coincided with the Ganjiang River dry season, yesterday afternoon, the reporter found, leading to the beach road, has been cordoned off, vehicular traffic. The loss of a large number of ancient coins that have alerted the local police and security departments, "digging treasure scene was cordoned off.

"site is 1 at the beginning of the blockade, every day we have more than and 20 people at the scene, three shifts. "Xingan County Public Security Bureau police patrol brigade a responsible person told the reporter, in December 31, 2016, had received Jia Fang Cun after the villagers alarm, three town police station rushed to the scene to discourage. But because too many villagers to discourage invalid. The second day, reinforcements from the police brigade will be cordoned off.

three town Party committee, discipline committee Li Airu also told reporters that at present the total number of ancient coins were dug up, temporarily unable to statistics, but after investigation, found was dug up mostly in Qing Dynasty Kangxi period coins. Online preaching "to dig the swords rumor. The local police are pursuing

according to the deputy director, Xin'gan County Bureau of cultural relics museum director Zhu Fusheng, in accordance with the provisions of the law of our country, as long as the unearthed cultural relics, including ancient coins, silver etc, should be owned by the state, any unit or individual shall encroach upon, if it is hiding, theft of state property. To this end, the county cultural protection department has held an emergency meeting to prepare notices posted in the village, to persuade the villagers handed the initiative to dig coins. At the same time, has asked the three town police station to assist in recovering.

Zhu Fusheng also told reporters that the matter has been reported to the relevant departments of the provinces. Next, to conduct archaeological excavations.


here is the Qing Dynasty shipwreck?

is an ordinary river beach, why will be dug up so many coins? Behind these coins, exactly what hidden secret?

reporter in the interview was Jia Fang Cun, found a lot of speculation samples, has spread in the village. According to the village people, there are people in the capital of the Qing Dynasty Xingan official, will retire after the return home, property all shipped to home. When the boat had Fang village of Ganjiang River, encountered a storm, so the wreck. There are rumors that

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