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fingerprint identification has become one of the standard of intelligent mobile phone, but the solution of major mobile phone manufacturers are different, many manufacturers in order to save costs, just add a fingerprint identification module. But as the representative of OPPO manufacturers, but create new styles joined the automatic learning function, get better for the fingerprint recognition feature phone.


price: 2799 yuan

as the most popular high-end mobile phone, OPPO R9s has its attractions, in addition to the higher color value, excellent camera has the advantages of experience, it has automatic fingerprint identification system learning ability also contributed, can make more use of fingerprint recognition more accurate, more for the better.

OPPO R9 the learning type fingerprint identification system, the system will automatically learn the user fingerprint, fingerprint edge automatically before entry into the complement of fingerprint database, fingerprint identification is more accurate, more with better and better. Second, the system will automatically match the memory of the most commonly used several fingerprint and press position, and automatically match the fingerprint image library, advance to the priority order, speed up the identification speed. Finally, it is adaptive function, can automatically detect the scene, intelligent regulation of different electrical strength, wet hand, with oil when the automatic adjustment of high power, more sensitive identification.

OPPO R9s Plus uses around 16 million pixel camera, the main camera using the OPPO joint research and development with the SONY 16 million pixel IMX398 sensor, built-in dual core focusing technology innovation, so that each pixel focus area increased 100%, the average speed increases about 40%. The camera has a large aperture f/1.7, which is currently on the market with the largest smartphone camera aperture. At the same time, R9s Plus main camera also supports optical anti shake, with micron level of anti shake accuracy, anti shake range increased by about 40%.

other configuration, R9s Plus equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 635 eight core 64 bit processor, 6GB RAM+64GB ROM. With full Netcom 3, hardware built in WiFi amplifier. [link]

vivo X9

buy buy links: 2799 yuan

camera, HIFI, Yan value has always been the strengths of vivo, vivo X9 also inherited these advantages, but in addition to this, vivo X9 is also equipped with a fingerprint recognition module is the industry's most similar.

vivo X9 / X9Plus by the Department of the top technology provides the industry's most 120um thick ceramic cover scheme for fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition can greatly improve the compressive strength and impact resistance ability, has higher reliability; with the third generation fingerprint recognition algorithm, greatly enhance the the wet fingerprint recognition performance; at the same time also supports Alipay and WeChat fingerprint payment, allowing users to enjoy mobile payment security and convenient experience. The most striking

vivo X9 is a front dual camera, a 20 million pixel IMX376 sensor with SONY custom, is a 8 million pixel professional virtual sensor. Among them, the sensitivity of the IMX376 sensor area reached 1/2.8 inches, with a F2.0 aperture, 5P lens, large bottom, high pixel so that the sense of self X9 screen greatly enhance the sense of. 800W professional camera precision measuring depth side depth, dual camera coordination self, achieve different distance camera objects accurately stratified, and the combination of ARCSOFT and vivo to develop the background blur algorithm, so that the main characters of sharp focus prominent, clear lines of hierarchy.

configuration, vivo X9 equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 625 eight core 64 bit processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination. Built in 3050mAh capacity battery, and supports dual engine flash charging, charging faster and more secure. At the same time, vivo X9 also supports Hi-Fi, using the AK4376 program, the power consumption is very low, for users to enjoy video. In addition, vivo X9 also supports child mode as well as full Netcom +. [buy link]


price: 3399 yuan

adhere to many years after the fingerprint identification, HUAWEI also began to use pre fingerprint identification, such as the latest flagship HUAWEI Mate 9. With HUAWEI independent research and development of kylin 960 processor and Leica camera certification, called the representative of the domestic mobile phone.

" in order to make people worry that HUAWEI Mate 9 best, "after 18 months still maintain strong performance". It is reported that HUAWEI has invested in a team of 3000 people, the system level optimization of Android bottom of a number of international experts, can be said that the Android system made a "heart surgery", cure the Android system in the past gets slower and slower, more with the card "common", become the Android system used at the experience level milepost beyond iOS.

Mate" series of high-end models have been seen in life, in order to fully meet the user's daily use, Mate 9 is equipped with a high precision 4000mAh
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