The two generation gathered together to fight the value of the stars! Chingmy Yau's daughter win

Chingmy Yau the two generation of her daughter Kenny Bee.

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-05 09:31:07

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"cloud" news reports, sexy goddess Chingmy Yau lover many people dream in 90s, and her daughter Shen Yue's beauty is the 100% genetic mother, by fans as "goddess successor", she and the other 4 days before the star two generation fit, and generous drying out funny photos each value is high, Yan girl, immediately attracted hot friends.

Kenny Bee's daughter Zhong Jiaqing 3 evening in the Instagram sun and star two generation friends together, they are Tony Leung Chloe and Chingmy Yau Nikkie, daughter of twin daughter Shen Yue and Mountain Poems sodium daughter Hilary, 5 star two generation were gathered, funny big grimace, 15 year old Shen month regardless of the image to put a bucket corn, and a few other to frown, duzui into the mirror, Gao Yan 5 people value immediately attracted the attention of many users, have to call "is indeed the star two generation, are so pretty", "everyone is over! "

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