Stock index rose 0.21%, line 5 with Yang


xinlangcaijing· 2017-01-05 13:20:42


financial news news January 5th, Thursday, ending a broad pattern, and then differentiated into the mainstream, the two cities all day long basic maintain concussion, but the stock index slightly, mix change concept throughout the whole story, the index of the ups and downs also all related. Today the plate outbreak has been around to change the mix of this theme, from the early central enterprises mix change, to change the mix to the local state-owned military mix change, the afternoon railway mix change driven by strong oil reform, oil mixed change rose to stimulate the communication sector, two barrels of oil from changes, the market index hit a new intraday high late drop.

as of the close, the stock index at 3165.41 points, up 0.21%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10371.47 points, down 0.13%.

market in the afternoon morning turned red after some repetition index trend, capital offense mix change, but change the mix of a wide range of subjects, the afternoon oil mix change strong, no funds and mining stocks in the same sector, but quickly switched to the position of Telecom, the central enterprises mixed change in other areas, resulting in the attack the plate has not formed the effect of making money, but to follow the trend of retreat led to fall.

Shenwan Hong securities market perspective: from the current situation, through many 3100 defense, making the market rebound power. But the current macroeconomic environment is still relatively tight, one is both inside and outside the tight monetary policy, on the other hand, domestic policy emphasizes the deleveraging and risk control. Therefore, the market continued to do more kinetic energy may not be sufficient.

Haitong strategy: 17 year two trading days before the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.78%, the gem index rose 1.50%. Reaffirms the policy monthly view, 16 years since the beginning of December to adjust gradually in the past, there may be little twists and turns, it is the layout of the spring market opportunities, in addition to the history of policy tightening of the year, with the spring market both before and after the Spring Festival, sooner or later the slight difference in this stage the fundamentals of data window, policy intensive introduction, risk preference easy to rise. The reform of state-owned enterprises is the pioneer, optimistic about the Belt and Road Initiative and hydrocarbon chain, real growth. Mixed reform is a new impetus to the reform of state-owned enterprises, the country has continued to change measures. In December 16, the central economic work conference held in China, the modified reform among the key fundamental first, set the tone for the mixed change is an important breakthrough in the reform of state-owned enterprises. Reiterates that the 17 year is the reform of state-owned enterprises and expected landing. The recent level of central enterprises, the total iron of railway enterprise debt, the oil by mixed reform guidance. The local state level, Yunnan Baiyao mixed into a new sample, the Beijing state-owned ESOP Pilot Association released, Zhejiang SASAC clear to carry out mixed pilot work etc..

aviation Securities: from prev, the 3140 point is the short-term resistance, yesterday broke through the point and time trend, most of the time are at the top of the point, that breakthrough has strong effectiveness, and the effect of money is increased rapidly, the hot plate leading varieties have limit, good phenomenon the main aggregation enhanced emboldened. For this wave of the market, after more than a month before the decline in the money effect continues to increase, the bottom of the probability is also growing. In short, build a market once again out of the broad market, and broke through short-term resistance, indicates that re unite energy to do more, suggest that investors enter the active state of combat.

Founder Securities Risk Preference: from the point of view, in 2016 the supply side reform bonus preliminary show, 2017 if you can resist the temptation of money drain to stimulate the real estate, and resolutely promote to production, to leverage, to reduce cost, make up the short board, state-owned enterprise reform mixed, will enhance the micro subject of confidence in the future of successful economic transition. The stock market index in 2017 may not be much of a performance, but there are more structural opportunities. The market will focus on two main lines: one to benefit from the theme of reform, such as the agricultural supply side reform, state-owned enterprise reform mixed, capacity to expand around the military, overweight, The Belt and Road and PPP; two is the performance than expected, for example, industry concentration degree increased the value of the shares or to prove their performance of growth stocks.

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