Level of mental development! Your baby is not up to the standard?

Baby infant intelligence development

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infant mental development level comparison table! Your baby is not the standard

[1 months]:

movement: pulled wrist can sit up, head vertical moment (2 seconds)

fine motor: touch the palm of the hand, he clenched his fist

adaptation: eyes over the midline with the red ball (slightly, can hear the sound of a mobile)

language: they emit a

social behavior: eye tracking around

[2 months]:

movement: < / strong> pulled the wrist can sit up, head vertical short time (5 seconds)

fine motor: prone head can be lifted off the bed and rattle in the hands keep holding the moment

adaptation: immediately noticed big toy

Said: A, O, can send e vowel

social behavior: command response

[3 months]:

movement: prone when the rise of 45 degrees, hold the head steady straight fine

action: hands hold together, hold 0.5 seconds left in the hands of a

adaptation: eyes with red can turn 180 degrees

language: laugh

social behavior: is sensitive, people will laugh like

[4 months]:

movement: prone when the rise of 90 degrees, can help the axillary fine motor moment


to shake and rattle at capacity: casual attention pellet, find the source language:

Shouted, babble

social behavior:

recognize loved ones 5 months []:

movement: can sit up, gently pull the wrist sitting head body forward fine motor

: seize the toy

fitness near : take a look at another building blocks: on the

language and voice

social behavior: see food [6 months] excited



fine turning movement prone action: will tear paper, put on the table to get a

adaptation: and two blocks, both lost toys will find

language: name

social head behavior: self feed cake Dry, such as hide and seek (handkerchief will find the faces of the block face)

[7 months]:


fine action: sitting freely get pellets (about 0.5 cm in diameter), take a block, and then take another piece of

adaptation: block, turnover reached far enough toys: da-da, ma-ma language refers to the social behavior of

: , can reflect the game

resolution was born [8 months] in the mirror:

movement: hands can stand

fine motor: thumb, ring finger pinch pellets (diameter: 0.5cm); take the two building blocks of the hands, and try to get third blocks (square, side length 2cm)

: ability to continue to pursue the toys by hand Conscious,

language: bell sound imitation

social behavior: understand adult facial expressions

[9 months]:

movement: will climb, pull the hands will go fine

action: thumb and forefinger pellets

adaptability: (square, take out the blocks from the cup the length of 2cm),

language: blocks out will be welcome, goodbye (gestures)

social behavior: said don't [10 months]


: movement will hold up, hold on to the railing railing station can go fine

action: thumb and forefinger with skill

adaptability: off on the building blocks of the cup, and play product Wood; find the things in the box

language: imitation hair voice

social behavior: understand and common name, said

[11 months]:

, rotary movement: squat extract; standing alone in the moment

< strong> fine motor: open bag blocks of paper

adaptation: building blocks into the cup; imitation toy car push

language: has a sound awareness of the social behavior of

: "do not know"; imitation doll

[12 months]:

movement: alone stand firm; hold a hand can go

fine motor: test Pellets into the vial

adaptability: < / strong > cap;

language: < / strong > call Mom and dad have to; to him / her to know to

social behavior: < / strong > dressing knowledge with

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