Tell your child to do the ten things, and you will be grateful in five years!

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365jiachangzhihuiketang· 2017-01-05 22:32:54

scores can be changed, fate can be changed, but the change is probably a habit.

habit, mind, realm, I am afraid that we really need to teach children.

tell the kids, stick to these ten things, and you'll thank yourself in five years......

1 read

read a good book can help you a lot. It can teach you the knowledge that has been acquired over the years. Reading takes your mind to a new level. It enriches your imagination and learns to see things in different ways. It can also help you expand your vocabulary and understand complex content.

try to read a book every month, learn fast reading skills. read what you're interested in, whether it's fiction, nonfiction, blogs, news, or Quora.

2, travel

I recently went to Himalaya with my friends in. This adventure has completely changed my understanding of life. The best way to learn this world is to explore places you haven't been to. When you start to communicate with people from different cultures and understand their values, your understanding of the world will change.

you often hear "when you're young," and then you start thinking, designing a lot of travel plans, and waiting for the day to come true. But that day will not come, and as you grow older, your responsibilities will increase and your passion will subside. Don't spend your time and money on things.

3, learning

in the era of online courses, learning what has become very simple. we are so lucky to live in a finger can not only acquire knowledge of the era, we should make good use of these opportunities, learn some new knowledge every day.

learn different things, not limited to what you are interested in, which allows you to expand your horizons. I am a software engineer but in Coursera I like money and psychology. once you stop learning, you will stagnate. So don't stop learning.

4, social

is now most likely to meet friends life age. social networking plays a key role in your success in your life and in your career. The longer you stay in a group, the more likely you are to influence the people around you.

don't limit your circle of friends to some friends, socialize with people who are fun and good at it. If you give up the chance, you might not recognize you in the workplace bole.

5, creating

is nothing more than making your imagination a reality. Creativity not only plays a key role in your success but also in your self satisfaction. some of the happiest moments in my life are when my creations bear fruit.

turned himself into a creative machine. Think about one or two ideas every day, keep a diary. Maybe in the future these ideas will guide your life.


share even if you become the most successful people in the world, if no one to share your joy with you, you will not become a happy person. every one of us has his own life experience and knowledge, which can inspire others, but most people do not share these experiences with others.

take a look at the outstanding tasks in all walks of life, they are only in their own industry outstanding? Are they the most talented people in the world? I think most of them are not. They are people who are brave enough to practice and are not afraid to share knowledge and experience with others. They are willing to discuss their ideas and suggestions on the Internet blog, write a book to inspire others. if you don't share it, even if you do a good job in your industry, you won't be a good person.

7, keep healthy

your health is the most important thing in your life, don't ignore him, or he'll bite you in the future. has plenty of sleep, don't sit around all day, there's a sport you love and you can do it regularly.

junk food will slowly consume your health, so don't eat fast food. Do not have bad habits, such as smoking and long-term drinking. Now is the best time to shape yourself. doesn't pay too much attention to good habits, and it's getting harder and harder as you get older.

8, money

school does not teach us how to use the =''>

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