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" before the new year, young people have a batch of goods to be sent to Shanghai, through a search site to find a seemingly regular "Beijing wind up logistics", on a good price for the logistics company sent a car away, not to just go to the six ring. The logistics company for various reasons for money, Mr. Yang eventually spent nearly 3 times the freight to deliver the goods to each other before. The Beijing morning news reporters and industry and Commerce staff to find the company declared address, there is no logistics company. The business sector said, like the "shadow" logistics company is not uncommon, the public is best through formal delivery logistics companies, Find logistics companies on the Internet is best to go to Beijing or Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau official business credit information online "in a test".

is a hit the goods away continue to add money to

in December 26, 2016, Mr. Yang, I have a batch of crafts need 27 evening to Shanghai, due to the SF, Debon logistics needs such a day ahead of loading, time, in the online search to a "Beijing wind logistics". And the price given by the other party can accept, you need seven thousand or eight thousand yuan car transport.

December 26th in the afternoon to find a logistics company away, according to the agreement, I pay the freight driver half of 2300 yuan, and then pay the other half and unloading. As a result, at seven or eight p.m., the logistics company called me and said, "the car broke down on the six ring". At this time, the logistics company said, required to buy insurance, in accordance with the "%" rates to buy, at least a few thousand dollars, but also to pay the money immediately by WeChat, delivery, or can not guarantee the safety of the goods". The car broke down on the road need to change another car, but also to add money.

was a heart thumped, knew the encounter extortion." I'm worried about paying first skip repeated communication with each other, and hope to see the goods to give money, but the other party has always insisted on the first payment. I spent the night in apprehension, has been deadlocked until 6 at 27 in the evening, I had to transfer 6000 yuan to each other by WeChat, of which 3000 yuan for insurance, 3000 yuan for a transfer fee. But this time, I am in contact with the driver, the other said, "the cargo to Shanghai, but I just listen to the logistics company to let me send him." After the money hit the past, the goods are not seen. At this time, the logistics company to "change for 8 workers to move goods" on the grounds, but also "labor costs 3700 yuan". "To this time, do not have no way ah". Eventually, I passed a total of 9700 yuan to the other side of the WeChat, the goods were sent to.

24 Beijing Lufeng logistics hours service hotline 57183892

service can organize "empty zone goods", that is to say, from Beijing back to Shanghai empty delivery, guarantee on the evening of 27 arrived, the freight is cheaper than car transport, as long as 4600 yuan.

Ding Yang (sound)

plus I contact WeChat, we follow the wind express is not the same thing, as the wind is responsible for the delivery of my relatives".

, the Beijing Morning Post reporter login "Beijing wind up logistics sites to see, the logistics company has extensive shipping, railway express, Macao line, air express, car shipping, company address in Daxing Shenlong Fung logistics park.

people experience the collection of goods do not appear

background reporter

I and "Beijing wind up logistics company claiming to be a man of Ding Yang (sound) contact, said to the cargo to Zhengzhou, can direct the goods sent to the company, hoping to provide the address. Confirmed by Yang, I added a micro signal through the phone number of the site's home page, it is the logistics company to contact him and require the transfer of micro signal. Ding Yang then sent me the address, that built in "Daxing District northbound 50 meters JOYOU Bo Hao Chen Logistics Park", and web site address.

that in the end there is no "Beijing wind up logistics," the company? I do not have any information on the Beijing industrial and commercial bureau of the system, such as wind up logistics company information, industrial and commercial registration information display, such as wind up logistics is registered in Anhui. December 29th afternoon, I and the Daxing District branch of the industrial and commercial bureau of law enforcement officers and men came to the village of Chen Bo JOYOU logistics park, looking for a circle, did not find the listing of Beijing wind up logistics company. I and Ding Yang, he said his company for "Hangfa logistics in Lu lu". I to Hangfa logistics park, each about a company, after verification, and not on the website of the "Beijing wind up logistics". At the gate of Hangfa logistics company, told me the goods arrived, Ding Yang said he was not in the company, you can send the goods to Hangfa logistics side of the "old professional packing" shop, a collection of goods. This "old" in the end and Ding Yang what relationship? See me and industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, the store's official said, no one entrusted him receiving goods".

then I bright reporter identity requirements interview, at first, Ding Yang on the phone denied that he had checked Yang goods. I said that he had seen the WeChat and the transfer of information, and he said, "I pay insurance and shipping costs, should not it?" I asked, why

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