Like iPhone so thick, SONY released 4K OLED TV

4K SONY iPhone peak

PingWestpinwan· 2017-01-06 08:31:24

on this CES, SONY once again brought people surprise. It is a one-time release of the technology accumulated over the past ten years, released one of the most SONY products: the first name of the BRAVIA named 4K HDR OLED TV - A1E.

A1E is an amazing TV: it supports the most advanced HDR (high dynamic range) standard, can appear "hitherto unknown black, vivid color, and thin body, and a iPhone 7 Plus equivalent. However, it also is not only a TV, but a return of the prodigal son, picked up ten years ago to try SONY.

"short-lived" Black &

if you want to enumerate the SONY shock era, Walkman is a television, is also considered a. 50 digital products since last year "time" magazine out of the history of the most influential, Trinitron TV ranked second SONY released in 1968, the first name is iPhone. "Time" is given for the SONY Trinitron CRT technology in addition to peak on behalf of the era, the era of color TV up. For many

China after 70 after 80, SONY TV Pishi durable, although the price of at least 30% more expensive than other TV, does not affect the selling is also very good. Ten years ago, because of too much money, SONY gave up a leading television technology - OLED.

according to the memory of the former SONY CEO deep well, SONY did not start to prepare the LCD technology, because I believe OLED will lead the future of television. But the problem is if you suddenly ran too fast, did not notice the potholes on the road, one not careful, will be one.

back in 2007, SONY tried to launch the world's first OLED TV XEL-1. At that time, the OLED panel technology is not yet mature, although there are many advantages of high brightness, ultra wide viewing angle, high color purity and low power consumption, on the other hand, short life and low yield are very fatal defects. XEL-1 was done at the time the thickness of 3mm, but 11 inches and the price of up to $two thousand so that many people drooling.

two years after the sale, SONY announced XEL-1 production, the first attempt to stop OLED TV failed. SONY turned to the introduction of OLED technology into the production of color monitors, a careless and become the industry benchmark. Absolutely did not expect, in recent years, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers to OLED technology into the high-end TV market, SONY TV dominance no longer.

ten years later, the Sony Corp CEO, highly respected "Uncle cable powder" Hirai Yifu laughed, not because SONY finally see a turnaround (the most recent quarter revenue reached 16889 yen), but because he saw SONY gradually regain lost the advantage in the field of television.

design dialogue: do not ask, just buy.

once again return to mustering the effort of SONY and then return to OLED. North American time at 5 p.m. on January 4, 2017, CES on the eve of the SONY released the first name of the 4K HDR OLED TV - A1E BRAVIA.

or not to do, to do the best in the SONY A1E but under the foot of the original capital, as if to have ten years of accumulated technology once released: in addition to technical X1 with SONY exclusive version of advanced image processing chip, for the first time in support of Dolby Vision which is one of the most advanced HDR (high dynamic range) standard. Uncle said, A1E can show "hitherto unknown black, vivid color". Slim, with the thickness of iPhone 7 Plus is about 4~5 mm.

A1E series a total of 55, 65, 77 inches screen size of three, using a narrow frame around the design, there is no base, no matter from which direction look like a photo frame. Readers may wonder why the speaker is so small The answer is equipped with Acoustic Surface (planar sound field) technology A1E, the screen itself is its speaker. We do not have the

plane sound field technology principle, only know that good cable. But there is only one side of the speaker, I do not know whether to listen to the sound of the range is 180° the best audition around, or position. In addition, the TV behind the bracket is actually subwoofer, curious lending support, the TV hanging on the wall will have any effect on the sound output. Unfortunately, the scene did not open the sound and experience.

" SONY OLED is not their own panel production line, so the TV panel does not have the accident should be LG, BOE or any other one on the level of OLED suppliers. Of course, apple does not produce chips, Qualcomm also does not produce a processor, SONY OLED production line is actually very normal.

again, who is absolutely not revealed the supplier - SONY is not millet … …

SONY choose to launch OLED TV can be said to be the result of all aspects of maturity. One is a mature market, LG OLED panel production in 2016 more than 1 million pieces of production plans can double again next year, and OLED in the United States has occupied more than 70% share of high-end TV market; two is a mature technology, the quality control of OLED stabilized, SONY previous generation flagship Z9D show LCD can reach the quality the ultimate, later the technology breakthrough or

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