21 years ago, "kill the messenger robbery suspect arrested 15 million"

The Bank of Panyu supercargo robbery

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express reporter Wang Lvbin

this morning, the new express reporter from the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau: January 5th afternoon, Guangzhou police after careful investigation of a large number of work and data analysis, will be in Guangzhou 21 years ago in Panyu shocked the country's 15 million armored car robbery was finally 1 suspects by the French big negative case at large the.

1995 in December 22nd, Guangzhou, Panyu, located in front of a bustling shopping malls in front of a bank robbery shocked the country took the case of robbery. The criminals shot and killed after the bank loan, armored car will be equipped with 15 million yuan in cash. After the case occurred, the public security organs rapid response successfully cracked the case, but there are still 2 main suspects Chen and Chen Moumin escaped encirclement disappeared.

20 over the years, a number of police task force rotation, but each batch of police did not give up on the two suspects hunt. The police on the one hand, continue to collect information and tracking suspects in 20 years to do the families of the suspects, suspects after persuasion families receive timely contact with the police.

Kung Fu, the suspect Chen years under the strong pressure to surrender in December 25, 2016 in Yunnan province. Chen years after appearing in court, the police task force rushed to Yunnan to start trial of criminal suspects. Although Chen Mounian suspects confessed his robbery crime in fact, but for other fugitives Chen Moumin did not mention the situation. Although

failed to get the Chen Moumin years from Chen's whereabouts, but the police task force in the comprehensive collection of information on cases on the basis of the information of Chen years, after nearly ten days of data analysis and investigation, eventually locked the suspect Chen Min's hideout. This afternoon, the police task force successfully arrested the suspect Chen Min has greatly changed the appearance and change names occurred in Yunnan Province, Ruili building materials market.

at present, the two suspects have confessed in the robbery premeditation, carrying Panyu 15 million yuan Yun money car related to the facts of crime, the investigation is still underway.

Guangzhou police said that regardless of where the criminals fled after the crime, how long to escape, the police will not be a moment of relaxation. Only the suspect surrendered to the police as soon as possible, it's the only way.


" where a new trial scene photos et al. Check the source of "Zhi"

express reporter query in newspapers found: in December 22, 1995, Guangdong Panyu bank robbery, was robbed of cash totaling 15 million yuan. More than the robbers shot, every shot hits the target, to escort 1 dead and 2 wounded, the dead head, neck, chest and other vital parts of a total of 4 guns, 2 wounded were shot through the thigh and hit back (wearing a bulletproof vest), the whole process only a few minutes. In the escape process, the robbers dropped on the escort car left the crime with a pistol, has become a breakthrough in the case.

according to the results of the site investigation and the use of sophisticated technical investigation means, inspection technology and bullet marks advanced firearms ammunition archives, after careful identification, Guangzhou police quickly identified in the evening of 22 robbers used pistols from Guangdong province Qingyuan city.

"with a gun! 23, the police found a bank in Qingyuan, the city of the "54" type pistol has been stolen, the security personnel is the new whereabouts of the whereabouts of the whereabouts of the gun keeper unknown. Where a new suburb of Qingyuan at the age of 27, who served in the armed police force will drive in the bank, often perform Yakuan tasks, familiar with and use of firearms yakuan. I usually participate in gambling and prostitution, debt, bank overdrafts are idle away in seeking pleasure, a few million, since the second half of people often call and dunning, are in urgent need of money motive to rush into danger.

23 11, the police also found another suspicious figure what was in the personnel with a new contact in. He was 25 years old, graduated from a university in Guangzhou bridge design professional, after graduation assigned to Zhuhai, Qingyuan back in recent years construction, life erosion, waste luminosity, and he is a mercenary friend. In the subsequent investigation process, the police have locked a sea, Yuan Mourong, Wu, Chen Mounian, and other criminal suspects, such as the suspect, and so on. Soon, in addition to Chen Mounian, Chen Moumin two people at large, the remaining suspects were all arrested.

1996 in February 17th, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court sentenced He Mouguang and other 4 people to death by robbery, and sentenced him to life imprisonment of the other 2 defendants. But Chen Mounian Chen Moumin, the two have been at large, there have been anecdotal rumors two people committed Dutch act. At that time, this robbery is the biggest bank robbery case since the new Chinese was shocked the country. According to

1999, the case was adapted into a TV drama "shaking robbery" on the screen.

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21 years ago, "kill the messenger robbery suspect arrested 15 million"