US media: why should the United States ready to war with China?

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huanqiuwang· 2017-01-06 09:55:54

map: Liaoning aircraft carrier formation in the South China Sea Training

America "Huffington post" the January 4th article, the original title: and the upcoming China war? The United States had an unnecessary war with China in North korea. Now in the coming of the Trump regime, we will appear again to another unnecessary war with china.

for the past 5 years, the United States in Asia: the deployment of aircraft carriers, the steady surge of submarine even ground troops; increase military assistance and cooperation on the Korean Philippines more; help Indonesia and other countries announced to strengthen &hellip naval power; … no wonder as defensive national China alert and take a series of measures. Due to worry more and more events has occurred between the two armies, seemed to spark a conflict accidentally sooner or later.

this situation raises three questions. First, does China really pursue expansionism and want to dominate the whole region? Two, is it capable of destroying the balance of power in Asia, even if China has this intention - or will the military and economic power grow? Three, from the perspective of national security is the most important issue, why the United States is ready to war with China?

first, most regional experts are skeptical of the West's assessment of China's threat to asia. They are more inclined to believe that, despite China's overall expansion of military power, and aggressive on the island, but its behavior motivation is a relatively limited goal, rather than the desire to dominate the region's grand strategy.

China's policy is essentially defensive and passive response, out of fear of the United States and its Asian allies and fear of their borders or offshore vulnerable. Indeed, Beijing in the implementation of some own policy, but many historians believe that these symbolic sovereignty has certain historical rationality, thus not only by the United States Presidents and government challenges.

the real question is, why would China's limited goals be seen as a threat to us national security? Even if the expansion of China's intentions, it is difficult to see why the United States to use military force to maintain the balance of power in asia". In other words, the most possible area "threat" -- China border conflict with neighboring countries or the South China Sea sovereignty conflict, the national security of the United States and most of the theory of no great importance; dangerous Chinese military expansion in Asia, very little possibility. Therefore, the best way to protect the national security of the United States is to abandon the policy of balance of power, never again in asia. * (author Slater, translated by Chen Junan Hjelm ·

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