Ban Ki-moon next week to return to Korea to worry about"

South Korea Ban Ki-moon courtesy various activities

xinhuashe· 2017-01-06 09:56:20

Xinhua news agency, former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, 3, announced in New York, he will return to South Korea next week.

however, the South Korean Ministry of foreign affairs and are returning home to worry about how to meet Ban Ki-moon". In view of the fact that Ban Ki-moon is likely to be the next presidential election, if meet the courtesy is too high, may lead to political interpretation; but if the reception is not grades, also criticized.

distress: reception specifications

according to Yonhap reported that South Korean foreign ministry is now making "to" feel the pressure Ban Ki-moon's reception. In view of the fact that Ban Ki-moon is South Korea's next presidential candidate, if excessive courtesy receive him, South Korean foreign ministry that will lead to excessive interpretation of public opinion.

2 South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi told reporters, Ban Ki-moon served as Secretary General of the United Nations period has always been committed to peace and stability in the international community, and enhance the national image of Korea, the South Korean foreign ministry to welcome its return.

South Korean Foreign Ministry official told Yonhap reporter on the 4 day, study is Ban Ki-moon's return to the welcome ceremony and other related matters, has not yet finalized the details, but is expected to welcome ceremony "isn't it grand scale".

another official in charge also said that after the end of 10 years of Ban Ki-moon's return home, should be held for him, including the activities of the welcoming ceremony, including. But in view of the domestic political situation, these activities may bring unexpected consequences, so the foreign ministry is actively exploring the program.

: re release signal

last month Ban Ki-moon's position is willing to vow to serve the country, was interpreted as a strong signal to join the South Korean presidential election.

Ban Ki-moon, 3, refused to explicitly mention his political views, as well as his party as a candidate to run for president.

, however, he said that South Korea's political troubles at the moment, due to the lack of dialogue, and he intends to use their accumulated experience in South Korea to put into action".

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