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1, the reason of pregnancy vomiting sickness is a protective behavior of

child vomiting is a kind of instinct and healthy biological protection stomach. This instinct is to allow early detection of possible damage to the baby's various bacteria or harmful substances discharged by way of vomiting, to ensure that these things will not enter the body, in order to avoid the potential danger.

2, hormones cause pregnant vomiting

most experts agree that morning sickness is hormones also stimulate the brain, and cause vomiting. Some mothers are more sensitive to changes in the early stages of pregnancy, so they are more likely to suffer.

3 is pregnant, vomiting remind mother to protect your

child vomiting is mainly occurred in the first few months of pregnancy. In late pregnancy, the fetus will come through the movement attracted the attention of his mother; but early is at an early stage of development, no ability to resist external force, the expression of discomfort. So a child's reaction to his mother, actually transfer their existing information, to remind the mother to protect yourself. Some factors will increase the probability of morning sickness, such as overweight or multiple births.

4, human chorionic gonadotropin lead to pregnancy vomiting in early pregnancy

, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels increased rapidly, people do not know that the human chorionic gonadotropin will directly cause nausea, but from the time point of view is very consistent: the evil heart is most serious, but also human chorionic when promoting the highest level of gonadal hormone. In the early stages of pregnancy increased rapidly, another hormone estrogen level, is also considered a major cause of sickness, of course, other hormones may also have an impact on.

5, increased olfactory sensitivity led to pregnancy vomiting

during pregnancy increased sensitivity to smell and odor. For example, it is not uncommon for a woman who has just been pregnant to smell the odor and immediately cause a nasty reaction when she is in a few rooms. This sensitivity may also be caused by elevated estrogen levels.

6, lack of vitamin B in pregnancy vomiting

morning sickness may be due to lack of vitamin B in the body caused by. Although many pregnant women after taking vitamin B6 supplements, do feel nausea symptoms eased, but this does not mean that they lack vitamin. In fact, at least one of the results of the study show that, in the mean and mean no mothers body, and there was no significant difference between vitamin B6 levels.

1, how to alleviate the pregnant women morning sickness therapy to alleviate morning sickness in early pregnancy pregnant women

slow fetal growth, does not need too much nutrition. At this time, the mother can be selected to satisfy their own food in the taste, and minimize the amount of time to eat, eat much food less, drink plenty of water, eat vitamin rich foods to prevent constipation, constipation can increase the pregnancy reaction. As much as possible to change the dining environment, so as to stimulate appetite.

2, exercise therapy can alleviate vomiting in early pregnancy pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness

some exercise. Therefore, the mother should be appropriate to participate in some light relaxation activities, such as outdoor walking, do pregnant women, such as exercise, can improve the mood, strong body. If the mother because of nausea and vomiting on the bed all day, do not eat, irritable mood, poor physical strength, which can only increase the early pregnancy reaction. If the mother activities too little, nausea, poor appetite, fatigue and other symptoms will be more serious, if things go on like this will form a vicious spiral.

3, drug therapy to alleviate morning sickness

some mothers pregnant women more serious vomiting during pregnancy, in order to ensure maternal and fetal health, mothers should supplement nutrition. For example, take some B vitamins and vitamin C, but also can reduce the discomfort of pregnancy response. It is worth noting that mothers do not vomit more vitamin B6. Pay attention to what

1, pregnant women should not be too much drinking

pregnant women should not be drinking too much, too thick to

during pregnancy because of theophylline in tea (caffeine) has an excitatory effect on fetal movement will increase, and even endanger the growth and development of fetus.

2", pregnant women should not be excessive drinking, drinking

because some drinks contain caffeine, clonidine, alkaloids, pregnant women drink will appear nausea, vomiting, headache, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms of poisoning, the normal development of the impact of fetal brain, heart and liver the important organs, resulting in babies born suffering from congenital diseases. Wine contains ethanol, the body's brain, liver and heart have a certain degree of toxicity. It can enter the fetus through the placenta, the baby after birth, mental retardation, face special, short stature, serious can lead to mental retardation.

3, pregnant women should not much vinegar

pregnant the first half of the month, a large number of acidic foods, can make the in vivo alkalinity decreased, causing fatigue, weakness. And a long time acidic constitution, not only make the mother suffer from certain diseases, the most important thing is that it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and can even cause fetal malformations.

4, pregnant women should not eat hawthorn

modern medical research confirmed that Hawthorn has a contraction effect on women's uterus, if a large number of pregnant women eat hawthorn and its products, it will stimulate uterine contraction, severe

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