Good things close? Fan Bingbing, said the fit to accept red envelopes, said Li Chen

Li Chen Fan Bingbing fit good thing

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-06 13:32:36

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen

, according to Taiwan media reports, since Li Chen and Fan Bingbing love more than 1 years, frequently through the social networking platform taking a teaser, usually do not appear in public with taboos, nearly two new year, people will determine the fit in the new year in Beijing. For the outside world about marriage, he also said "and there will be good news to share with you," admits he is looking forward to red". It is reported that

, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing at the beginning of 2016 sang on the show song "love film", visual expression is sweet to hide, in 2017 two people will determine the Spring Festival in Beijing Taiwan fit together as guest performers. Because of the Spring Festival, the work schedule will be together in Beijing for the Spring Festival, and the Spring Festival the most expected thing, he bluntly is red! I believe we worked hard for a year, to the end of the year, whether it is a red envelope, or a red envelope, is a happy thing".

" Li Chen and Fan Bingbing love more is more open, marriage popular outside attention

fact, Fan Bingbing had personally identified "Li Chen is my last boyfriend, and Li Chen is not the first time that the exchanges during the marriage news. In October, the couple has been exposed or licensing, although the news has not get an official response, but has fueled heated discussions, much attention outside marriage.

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