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2017 January 5th - recently, Steam platform officially announced the 2016 sales ranking of 100 games ", which listed 2016 year total income in the top 100 of the big game. Ubisoft's "blockade", "all the watchdog 2" a total of 5 games were included in the Top100 game list. Among them, 4 more games for its excellent quality of the game and continue to launch the game content to obtain the majority of game player favorite, with excellent sales results respectively by Steam as the "silver" and "gold" and "Platinum" game! Now let's take a look at what games are winning these awards.

2016 hot ranking silver level game: " 2

< /strong> in the end of 2016 formally issued the "watchdog" 2, inherited the previous generation the hacker game theme, realistic game quality and rich game content in advance, only a month listed among the top Steam in 2016 the "silver" game. The greater the world contained in the game (San Francisco Bay Area), more open and more realistic gameplay trendy technology also won the major media and global game player alike. Watchdog 2 potential is far more than that, in the coming year, the game will continue to add more new elements and playable elements.

2016 hot ranking silver level game: "farcry: Jiyuan" savage "img_box"

< /strong> "a far cry" series of original modern settings, the "far cry: pioneering Jiyuan" savage to the game player prehistoric ten thousand years of continental Europe, in the game experience as the difficult life of stone age humans. This build through the new story background 4K HD adventure game successfully entered the Steam in 2016 the "silver" game "ranks, and become one of the most successful sequel farcry" series.

2016 top selling gold game: "Rainbow Six: the siege of

"Rainbow Six: Siege" is a scene to destroy the PVP tactical FPS game as the core, is also a stand the test of time the game, the game will launch a new DLC and game content in each quarter, organized by the international E-sports League is to pay close attention to and support the global game player, is in sale since the peak state of the "siege", Rainbow Six: one of the Steam 2016 "golden" fully deserve the game.

2016 's platinum selling game: "

"throughout the blockade" is a landmark third person shooter game RPG, the initial listing of the creation of new IP Ubisoft game releases the undisputed record in 2016 Steam "platinum" ranks. Although in the 1.3 stage version suffered network instability and cheating game player produced low, but with the 1.4 version revised and released with survival "DLC," throughout the blockade "once again ushered in a new round of outbreak.

in addition, "far cry 4" was also included in the Steam 2016 sales ranking 100 game ", to view the detailed list, visit:

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