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youxibang· 2017-01-06 22:54:30

Author: Stuart Lilford

I wrote this article after the release of my adventure game "Time Stone".

I don't think I'm good at drawing. I mean, I just draw well, because someone told me they feel in my game art, but when the image I focus on in the game when they actually not how I can say. Some people say that as a designer, you are your own worst critic, perhaps that is the case, but I just never thought like a palette, perspective, shading and other content, so I think it is not how to create their own image. I can understand it, but I don't take the time to do it. When I was creating my own point of the click adventure game "Entrapment" and "Time Stone", I think this is my weakness.

and one way I try to overcome this weakness is through the perspective. Yes, of course you can on the paper, Photoshop or any other place to outline some of the content, clear a vanishing point perspective and based on the perspective to create the background, but if you do it in this way but still looks wrong to do? When I was creating the background of "Entrapment", I often encounter this situation. I'll use the vanishing point and the view to create a sketch of the room and set up a character wizard, but it doesn't look like much. Especially when you move your character in the room, the ratio is all wrong. Then I had to start all over again, based on the new vanishing point / level, which was really frustrating.

Screen (from Gamasutra)

and for "Time Stone", I tried some different methods. I think more than messing around these perspective, why should I create a 3D scene? So I can move the camera to get an accurate perspective, and my perspective will be rationalized. When I want to make a change without giving up, I can still move around. If you've never used any 3D modeling tool, Google's SketchUp is a free and easy choice. You can use it to create a simple 3D scene, and so far I've found that the best part of this tool is its components. These components are a set of 3D models created and shared by others, so that others can download and use them in their own 3D scenarios. If you need a bed, you can find a lot of other people's beds. But you might think to find like a big cage pot or crystal ball more abstract things will be difficult. Don't worry, there are these things, and there's almost everything you can think of, whether it's all kinds of furniture parts or the whole building. There's even a football field!

" but I'm not saying that you need to find the exact games items required, you can only use this tool to gain the appropriate perspective. For example, the bed in the above scenario is different from the bed in the background of "Time Stone". I just use it as a basis for drawing, in order to find an accurate perspective. You can't rely on the light in the Google Sketchup image, too, because the light is different in different places. So you have to think carefully about your own 3D scene. Once you have created your own room and added all the major targets, you can set up the camera and output the image from the current camera view.

. This can be based on any perspective. Side, from top to bottom or any strange perspective can be. For the "Time Stone", I chose the professor's home side perspective. The following is the "Time Stone" end use camera view in the background:

", which contains all the necessities of the room. Any object are like I confirmed the necessity of setting effective perspective such as bed, desk, refrigerator, and so on. But it's important to note that I'm not thinking of hanging on the wall. Because I can use the existing objects in the room as the reference point of painting and so on. So I can draw on my own perspective. I also include a convenient scale model, so that the proportion of characters and background images will be more appropriate. And the only thing I miss is the addition of a foreground feature. After

, I just need to draw the scene to create the background of "Time Stone". Here are the steps I take.

1. basic image before I start drawing.

2. I painted a lot of colors and sketched out the main objects.

3. color for the rest of the image.

4. add some smaller objects in detail.

5. more details.

6. brightness and shadows (and modify some objects).

this time the background may also lack some objects. This is the content of the game that needs to be moved. For example, bookcase, Front Gate, cage blankets are not in. They don't need to be a part of the background, because they will move. You need to present them at different levels and get them in front of the background.

you always forget to confirm the interface

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