Guy sent out for 2 yuan a praise climb more than 20 floors

Guy high praise Fuyang late

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24 year old Jiang Qiaolin is a rider Anhui Fuyang Internet a reservation platform, the entry for more than a year, every day is busy eating time. "Every morning from 11 to 2 in the afternoon, the evening of 6 to the evening of 8 points in the busiest time of the two. Sometimes due to the peak of the elevator crowded, in order not to delay the customer to eat, 20 floors of the building had to climb up. "

" I will send more than and 30 single day, most of the time to send the more than and 50. Jiang Qiaolin said that as a rider, the daily work is one after another to repeat the work, and every day to run nearly 50 kilometers down.

in the morning to go to work in Qiaolin in accordance with the provisions of the company in accordance with the provisions of the Yangtze River in the United States uniforms, equipped with =''>

with a single grab on the phone APP and ring again. Qiaolin is going to start a busy day.

"grab, goes like this what you can get, sometimes need to wait. "Jiang Qiaolin smiled on allotment of the car battery to cooperative businesses where pick up, this is the day he sent fifteenth times to take out.

" according to Jiang Qiaolin, his rider has been more than 1 years, long time distribution let him on the streets of city real estate are well known, also know from which way the shortest time, one of the doors of the most accessible, even if sometimes vague address order also, can still be found under the single position according to experience.

Jiang Qiaolin said to Nathan, will have to run fast, confirm the order to store the receipt to upload, in the absence of special circumstances must be sent to delivery in 30 minutes.

"sometimes because of traffic problems, or the rush lift squeeze up, had to climb the stairs, sometimes encountered in twenty story building to a step by step to climb. "Qiaolin Jiang said, sometimes resulting in room late, these cases some customers will be very angry, although he was wronged, at this time to smile and say" I wish you a happy meal! "

to meet customers, regardless of the previous traffic jam rush, or climbing hard, will try to calm yourself down, and then smile greetings, do the purpose is to get a high praise of customers. Jiang Qiaolin said: if you can get a good customer, the general background will have a reward opportunity of 2 yuan. "

perview_img_p, it is understood that a rider monthly income of more than 3000 yuan. "Wages and orders and the favorable rate is proportional to, don't look at wages is not low, but through rain and wind, but also worry that the preservation, for fear of late effects of quality, if encountered unreasonable customers, a bad review, enough to make their own way efforts. Jiang Qiaolin said.

night, idle down the Qiaolin River and colleagues discuss how much a single day running, because a single amount and their income has a direct relationship.

" the dark corridor, the Qiaolin River to slow down, through the mobile phone software in preparation for the next single. 3

in the afternoon, tired riders just ate dinner they relaxed lying in the lounge.

in this way, Jiang Qiaolin has been busy late into the night, in order to be able to come home from work with other riders.

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Guy sent out for 2 yuan a praise climb more than 20 floors