Gloria Tang even burst break denounced Yoga Lin "cheeky suspected complaints"

Gloria Tang thick skinned the reasons for breaking up the way the wind a documentary

zhongqingwang· 2017-01-07 08:24:18

Gloria Tang Yoga Lin according to the old

Hongkong singer Gloria Tang Yoga Lin and have been dating for four years, recently in the documentary "the way" opened the wind break up reason, is mainly caused by distance relationship cracks, and can not use the phone to say clearly, lead to injury. In fact, she just broke up once in the face book accusing each other "killing does not recognize love" and "unilateral disappearance", continuous play several counts, apparently have serious communication problems in the relationship.

Gloria Tang in early 2014 with Yoga Lin leaving the post part, raise a Babel of criticism of posting on face book, and accusing each other of hypocrisy, cowardice, cheeky: "together when killing does not recognize me, even the Golden Melody Awards Red Carpet alongside insist not public affair, but now it has been hard at each own press conference say say." She broke Yoga Lin didn't break up, direct foreign say "bless each other", she did not know he had been "break up", to charges: "I told people's unilateral disappearance has been confused, ha, until I find people out early for happiness."

after the break, Gloria Tang was interviewed by the media in 2015, opened the next love object, because Leo will keep secret too difficult, hope object must be a generous magnanimous person; in addition, each love to "the premise of marriage", if the man just want to simply love it said different values, she will decisively ended the affair, not to waste time, the words also show dissatisfaction with the former.

although the affair is controversial, but Gloria Tang launched a "wind" in the documentary way recently, still calm about Yoga Lin, also do not care will be blamed by public opinion, because if not, do not say "I will provoke debate, rather than out. Even if the sun, at the same time, only half of the earth can be seen, why should I pray that everyone can see the truth for the first time?" Her friends are distressed to reveal that she looked at the feelings of heavy, but long-distance love, a lot of the problem is that the phone can not be clear, and finally prove that love is only a person's imagination".

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