Intel SSD warranty: modify the smuggled goods.

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ITzhijia· 2017-01-07 08:36:05

from the beginning of January 1st this year, Intel modified the SSD's sale of the warranty policy, the revised policy will adjust the original warranty for domestic lending, that is part of the SSD no longer enjoy the smuggled goods domestic customer service policy.

Intel said, Intel only provides support for product warranty Intel boxed SSD purchased by the general agent of Intel in Chinese and authorized dealers. This is after the change in the policy of production date after January 1, 2017 (inclusive) and in China by Intel authorized distributor and dealer sales of all Intel boxed SSD products.

note, if you have a Intel SSD production date in January 1, 2017, so the warranty terms remain unchanged, non state bank boxed Intel SSD must return to the place of purchase or to enjoy national warranty support, consumers can contact the dealer for more information.

Intel SSD in had been in high speed, stable by many users, and conscience for three years, five years warranty is one of the reasons why consumers have to buy, after the warranty change, consumers in the sea Amoy Intel SSD also need to be cautious. How to determine the

Intel® boxed SSD production date :

production date by ISN (solid state disk) or SN (box) number judgment. For example:


fifth that year of production (this product is "5", on behalf of the 2015 production);

sixth, 7 said production weeks (this product is "13", on behalf of the thirteenth weeks of production).

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