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Development orientation China Banking Regulatory Commission guiding opinions

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for a while, private banks become hot spots. Especially in the past month, the China Banking Regulatory Commission approved the construction of 7 private banks. Currently, including the first batch of 5 pilot banks, the CBRC has approved the establishment of a total of 17 private banks. With the rapid development of private banks, private banks to ensure safe and efficient operation and overall stability, recently, the CBRC issued the "guidance" on the regulation of private banks, further clear the private banking supervision requirements. In this regard, the experts pointed out that with the establishment of private banks tends to normalize the supervision work, and constantly improve, private banks in the future will continue to expand, the camp will be more scientific and sustainable development, flexible innovation and market benefit of private banks will gradually appear, this will also be the real economic development to provide more effective financial services, and promote the overall financial industry to transfer to the real economy service.

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private banks to build a rapid development and the implementation of China Banking Regulatory Commission facilitation measures are closely related. According to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the current approval of the construction of private banks, from the admissibility of the application to the official approval of an average of only about 20 days, while the law is limited to the time limit of 4 months.

, director of CBRC Bank city dare Ling pointed out that the establishment of private banks will continue to follow the mature one, to set up a principle, actively and steadily push forward the herd mentality. The future will continue to have a number of private banks approved to build.

, the banking industry has long been a relatively high access threshold of the industry, due to the inability to obtain a banking license, many want to enter the banking sector of private capital can only be 'outside' wait and see. Now, we not only allow qualified private capital to initiate the establishment of small and medium banks and other financial institutions, in accordance with the established standard of private banks approved to build, not artificially set the plan, more convenient in the procedures of examination and approval and provide the administrative access threshold will further lower the banking industry, to create favorable conditions for accelerating the development of private banks." Finance and Securities Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology Dong Dengxin said in an interview with this reporter.

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has a firm foothold in the banking industry's major commercial banks, "new" private banks clearly are "tender", should identify the development of positioning is a pressing matter of the moment. Dong Dengxin pointed out that private banks are not large banks in customer resources, capital and market scale, so the private banks want to development must be another way, take the difference of development strategy, make its own characteristics, will develop more financial services to the rural community, Small and micro businesses, entrepreneurial innovation and related industrial chain and other big banks no real economy relates to large-scale, open up their own development space.

has been approved to build private banks, many banks have begun to break through in some areas. Shanghai Huarui bank stressed in response to the national "The Belt and Road" and "going out" strategy, currently has more than 200 enterprises to provide cross-border financial services. Tianjin Jincheng bank will try to open up new financing channels of SMEs, the current on-line products, tax credit and loan Zhengcai certificate loans, total service more than 50 customers, accumulated 47 million 760 thousand yuan of funds. In addition, the preparation is still in the bank, Meizhou merchants bank business in the future will be dedicated to the "three rural" and "two small" (Small and micro businesses and residents), Beijing Bank of Zhongguancun stressed that "technology and finance", further development of the revitalization of Liaoning bank is based on the old industrial base.

"should see the difference and service of small and micro enterprises is the basis for the development of private banks, but also the challenges, existing small and micro enterprises and private economic credit risk assets, mortgage and other issues need to be solved by means of innovation." Northeast Securities three new board research center director Fu Lichun said that many private banks initiated by the listed company, to prevent the risk of the existence of related transactions listed companies and the bank itself. And the financing of listed companies and the use of capital in the bank will be more complex, the risk caused by the need to pay attention to.

for possible risks, the CBRC issued the "guidance" has begun to deploy, and for the private bank related transaction management, stock management, shareholder regulation and other key areas of proposed regulatory requirements, strengthen supervision departments and local governments at all levels in the disposal of risks of private banks in the process of information sharing and collaboration.

market segments, service entity

, with the continuous improvement of the establishment of private banks, regulators and other work, the future development of private banks will be more scientific and sustainable. On the one hand, the establishment of private banks will enter normalization, camp private banks will continue to expand, private capital can participate in the opportunity will be more development, market segments for private banks will bring tangible benefits; on the other hand, the law will guarantee system, the development of private banks more perfect, risk control and positive the incentive will jointly promote the development of private banks to high quality." Dong Deng said.

of Central University of Finance and Economics China banking research center director Guo Tianyong said that the establishment and operation of the first private bank, to allow the market to see the vitality and potential of the financial industry, the future of private banks can open to hundreds or even thousands. At the same time, the private banking mechanism is flexible, can be in the gold

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