Fan Bingbing, Li Chen, we only focus on advertising the woman's legs

Fan Bingbing advertisement Li Chen fit

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-07 10:59:40

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen entertainment news recently, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen Spring advertising photography for a brand as the cause of the discussion, users drying out a photo of Li Chen Fan Bingbing, said two people since love has continuously fit, really happiness is good!

users posting screenshots of

photos, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen wear couples dress appearance, and sometimes hands hug the waist, looking from the screen, you can feel sweet!

Fan Bingbing Li Chen

commercials fit but users see the photos, in addition to their concerns couples appearance, people pay attention to the price of clothes is only 129 yuan, very cheap, some people comment on this group of advertising style like underwear advertising, as well as friends noticed Fan Bingbing's leg, said: "Bing Bing's leg thick fat, cute! "

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