21 years ago, armored car robbery cracked the prime suspect: the police will know

Vietnam Panyu armored car robbery.

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"21 years ago" Panyu 15 million yuan "case" the last suspect Chen Moumin was escorted back to the police in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou police never give up the final arrest, the man arrested was exiled from Yunnan provinces, was eventually escorted back to Guangzhou

1995 in the morning of December 22nd, Guangzhou City, Panyu District City Bridge prone malls near the front of the bank, has shocked the country's Armored Car Robbery case. 5 armed robbers shot and killed a bank Messenger, robbed armored car equipped with 15 million yuan in cash. After the incident, the public security organs rapid response successfully cracked the case, but there are still two main suspects Chen Mounian and Chen Min to escape encirclement disappeared.

in the next 21 years, the Guangzhou police arrest never give up. In December 25, 2016, Chen years under the strong pressure in Yunnan province to surrender, but not to mention about the number one suspect Chen Moumin. The police task force after nearly ten days of data analysis and investigation, eventually locked Chen Moumin's hideout. The afternoon of January 5th this year, the police task force successfully arrested Chen Min has greatly changed the appearance and change names occurred in Yunnan Province, Ruili building materials market. Yesterday afternoon, Chen Min was escorted back to the ear.

- written: Express reporter Wang Lvbin correspondent Gong Xuanfan

- warning Photography: Express reporter Sun Yi


major victims died five criminals robbed lucky van

on the day of the incident, a white van to a bank of Panyu branch, according to area more than and 10 outlets to send money, armored car on with a total of 13 million 200 thousand yuan RMB and HK $2 million 410 thousand. Responsible for escorting large sums of money is Yakuan member Chen Jianmin, Guo Jinchang and Xu Weicheng driver.

7 25 minutes, the first car to send money in the Beijiao savings bank to stop at the door. According to the usual Xu Wei imaging as a few speakers, 3 female salesperson heard the familiar sound, walked to the door to withdraw. Yakuan also opened the door, start unloading bills. The

side of the road suddenly sprang 5 handheld type 54 military pistol, separately on the cab and the back door of the car at gunpoint messenger and driver shouted: "stop!" at this time, Chen Jianmin has feet out of the car floor, a gunman viciously knocked him to the ground, he robbed the waist the pistol, then shot back at him. Chen Jianmin because of wearing vests, survived, he seized the opportunity to roll, drill into the car. Guo Jinchang and Xu Weicheng started to fight Guo Jinchang was shot and killed on the spot, Xu Weicheng's legs were penetrated. Subsequently, Chen Jianmin managed to climb out of the car, in the middle of the road guardrail. The gunman fired several shots at him, but missed.

then, lucky money car robbers opened, stole the car and the money Yakuan member of the two 54 type pistols. On the way, the injured Xu Weicheng pushed out of the car.

after two goals were captured

remaining crime surrender at the time, this is the biggest bank robbery case since the new China was shocked the country occurred immediately after the public security organs at all levels attach great importance to. Soon, the robbers dropped armored car was found in the car, a gun crime has become the breakthrough. Then, the field in the robbery He Yongxin, He Weiguang, Yuan Changrong, Wu Zhaoquan and He Donghai have been arrested, and had been executed or sentenced, but behind the scenes as the principal, but not at the scene of Chen Mounian Chen Moumin, commanding two people missing, there have been anecdotal rumors two people committed Dutch act.

according to the Guangzhou police informed the police said, according to preliminary investigation, the prime suspect Chen is born in August 1969. This person can use the 'genius' to describe, highly educated, high IQ, there is a strong anti detection capabilities, and never appeared on the scene, the police detective work to bring great difficulties. "The police said, Chen Min in 90s graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of a university in Guangzhou, this should be a bright future, has become the leader, the military adviser, also known as the" grand".

after the incident, Chen Moumin, Chen will give family friends after the plane to escape the encirclement of the police, then disappear.

21 years, the police task force a batch of rotation, but the task force never revoked, never give up the arrest of two people. In December 25, 2016, two years of Chen target because of strong pressure in Yunnan province to surrender, although he confessed the robbery in fact, did not mention Chen min. But according to the clues, the task force still locked fled to Yunnan in Ruili for 20 years and to change the identity of a wife, change names, the establishment of Chen family sensitive.

1 month 5 days at 3 pm, police task force in Yunnan Province, Ruili city decoration materials Chen Moumin self stalls, arrested him and escorted back to Guangzhou in yesterday afternoon.

now, Chen Mounian, Chen Min two per capita has confessed in Panyu, premeditated robbery 15 million yuan Yun money car crime facts, relevant investigation is still underway.

20 years ago, a fugitive fled to Yunnan to change names low-key life

Chen Moumin confessed after the arrest, after the incident he has removed Fujian, Shaanxi, Hainan, China, and Vietnam, picking up stray. In June 1997, he came to Ruili in Yunnan, working on a construction site, and then met his girlfriend Yang

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