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Apple flavor New Year paintings wallpaper

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to celebrate the 2017 new year Chinese, apple in China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore launched a special ", and invited 5 young artists to create New Year paintings Chinese wallpaper. These 5 artists include: Ni Chuanjing, Chen Chunhong, Zhou Fan, Ye Hongxing and Jiang shan.

all the creation of Mac, iPhone New Year paintings Wallpaper and the iPad version can be downloaded. These are the use of Apple devices New Year paintings creation, including MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and iMac. Authoring software includes iPad version Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

" Spring Festival every kind of custom, is a typical New Year paintings. For the spring to bring new ideas, give different interpretation New Year paintings, five emerging Chinese artists using Apple products and a variety of app to create both the classical tradition, New Year paintings, but also bring a blessing to find everything fresh and new. Let's enjoy it together.

artist Ni Chuanjing to meet the theme of the creation is.

illustrator Ni Chuanjing on "" good luck and success in life of the traditional New Year paintings has its own understanding, as long as to maintain a pleasant mood, good luck will come. Therefore, she emphasizes the atmosphere of celebration in composition and color. She first with Apple Pencil, iPad Pro in Procreate on app is drawn in the draft, and then adjust the MacBook and Pro color, paint a symbol of auspicious rooster, and chicken costume kids now singing, now dancing scene. Bursting with happiness picture, a metaphor for the new year good luck.

Mac iPhone iPad

to download wallpaper artist Chen Chunhong's theme is: family reunion.

" jump off the traditional New Year paintings around Chen Chunhong in her "family reunion", showing a stylish and full of joy of the dinner on New Year's Eve scene. She works directly on the iMac, through the Adobe Photoshop to describe the distinctive color, full of childlike characters, and complex prints of her good detailed performance, let the happiness and blessings of the whole family reunion, spread to thousands of households.

Mac iPhone iPad

to download wallpaper artist fan of the week's theme is: the creation of a bumper grain harvest.

" a feeling rich and extremely prosperous, dreamy, is a fan of the week this picture shows the artistic conception of New Year paintings. His inspiration from the depths of memory: the red lantern, the deafening sound of firecrackers, full of endless warm colors. He painted a variety of fine details first, then in Macbook Pro using Adobe Photoshop are superimposed on each other, making a harvest scene touch the sky. This makes the traditional New Year's wishes, more of a surreal sense of art.

Mac iPhone iPad

to download wallpaper artist Ye Hongxing's theme is: safe and sound all year round.

" this painting the main image of the meaning, the story of New Year paintings from the leaves to see when the small apricot. But the difference is that she has a lot of modern elements in the traditional layout. Macbook Pro on the use of Adobe after the composition of the Photoshop, she once again created on the canvas, with a large number of gorgeous, reflecting the contemporary life of stickers affixed to the entire picture. Sticker fragmented not only fit the homophonic "safe and sound all year round" and meaning, also reflects the current colorful life bit by bit.

download wallpaper Mac iPhone iPad

meet artist Jiang Shan's theme is: more than year after year.

" by the traditional New Year paintings is homophonic allusion. Jiang Shan followed this tradition, but in the performance but bold breakthrough, create brilliant, rhythm, embody the contemporary aesthetic "May there be surpluses every year.". He recorded with Macbook Pro inspiration, and then draw a line on the paper, and then imported into the Adobe Photoshop to color and adjust, and finally completed in Adobe Illustrator modified. Different from the traditional New Year paintings creation way, let the heritage since the New Year blessing, full of new vitality.

download wallpaper Mac iPhone iPad

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