"Solitary Fang" matting for the United States? The real shooting drama more beautiful

Crew Li Yapeng Nicky Wu TV series

juziyule· 2017-01-07 17:36:45


" does not reward solitary Fang into the "matting storm", watercress score falls again, many users have Tucao in this way.

is the specific shener sauce, a shot in the studio with a green screen shooting alone, and then again through the matting, synthesis and other actors, the effect is very obvious is a look at the pull, hairline are angular.

girl's long hair is more obvious, is supposed to be a long hair, but.....

" producer have issued a statement to respond, said some of the reasons.

" one is to present a higher quality picture, but there are many television dramas are true framing, effect also very beautiful!

the old version of "journey to the west" is a good example in the shooting technique developed in the actors and the crew were paid too much, personally traveled across the country on both sides of the Changjiang River, also went to the Thailand shooting. The picture is very beautiful, 20 years later, we still love you!

" to see Liu Yifei's version of "Jiuzhaigou" The legend of Condor Hero, framing impression too deep, too was shot out of xian!!!

"The Legendary Swordsman", the valley, the pond...... a curtain like paintings.

" quiet, Fu Dalong's "great Qin Empire", is a typical northern landscape, looked very real.

2003" in Xun Zhou Li Yapeng's version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" ~~

"view" startling step by step, the snow, the snow together can go to "old age" watching is really romantic, Liu Shishi Nicky Wu is from the romantic drama to real life ~~

"flower bone" fire, part of the viewfinder with fire.

micro-blog can always see a variety of Internet users travel photos, beautiful people look at a good mood.

" has not been broadcast in the play also has a very good example, for example, "III. ten peach", is the picture. ~~

" shooting period also has a lot of friends released a variety of Reuters, mountain forest.

" this year there is a very small partners to play by, "the sea and clouds". The crew had to film in Xinjiang.

grassland, Gobi, Bang Bang Da picture!

" last

small orange, which play what you think photography is the most beautiful picture?

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