Congratulations! Yoga Lin and Ding Wenqi got married

Married Yoga Lin Ding Wen text

fenghuangyule· 2017-01-07 18:51:56

Yoga Lin Ding Wenqi married

according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Yoga Lin and his girlfriend Ding Wenqi last year after a successful courtship, 7 announced the formal registration of marriage, Ding Wenqi in the face book publicity Yoga Lin concert, and wrote "novice wife diary", said publicly his wife was announced after the promotion, the influx of Facebook users blessing international record company said, "to get married in two days, but the artist based on privacy, detailed date can not be revealed, as for the wedding is still planned. "

Yoga Lin concert held 4 press conference, the reporter asked the time of marriage, Yoga Lin only said" to get married this year ", did not think 2 days later, the official promotion of husband and wife, but the company of China Research for protecting the privacy of artists not to disclose the details, the wedding will strive to be completed this year, is still in preparation, Yoga Lin today will attend the" red "video, and we should share the good news.

Yoga Lin in November 29 to the Association for more than 2 years Ding Wenqi to marry him, in the evening, 29 year old Yoga Lin Ding Wenqi to his girlfriend on the micro-blog hair long marriage, he thanked his girlfriend care for more than a year, and said he had been "ready for my knees, ready to say to you there. Then, hiding in my pocket already bought the ring". This confession Yoga Lin touched his girlfriend, the proposal released an hour later, Yoga Lin and Ding Wenqi in their embrace together with the text: "she said," said the successful suitor. This night's romantic move, many netizens have said that the message to see crying, and for the couple to send blessings.

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