Foreign media: China's new light tank is more advanced than 99A

Tank light China advanced

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] British observer network integrated "Jane's defense" reported on January 5th, appeared in the China network forum at the end of December 2016 the picture shows that Chinese people's Liberation Army may be equipped with a new light tank exposure for the first time in 2011. Jane's said, arise from the new light tank photo site, the tank may be first equipped resident in Guilin, the 41 Army Armored brigade. According to reports, the troops had equipped is 96A type MBT , this shows that the positioning of this new tank is closer to the "lightweight tank", rather than light tanks perform reconnaissance, infantry support tasks such as tradition, which is consistent with a new definition of the army's light tanks in military terms.

social network appeared in the railway vehicle loading on a new light tank

report also said that the picture shows about 10 new light tanks loaded in the railway flat car, where is the southern Guangxi Guilin Railway Station. This seems to indicate that the first batch of new light tan should be equipped to the people's Liberation Army southern military region 41 brigade. The 41 army is the former Guangzhou military region is the main force in the South Theater army, had participated in self-defense counterattack. Think of

's "Jane's defense", the tank weighs about 35 tons, 3 man crew, equipped with a use of autoloader 105 mm rifled gun, also has a liquid gas suspension, so that it can better adapt to a variety of terrain. The new light tank prototype

" in the early years of plateau test, you can see the car and now there are some differences between the two types of production

. However, with the sources, the new light tank is still equipped with torsion bar suspension, but thanks to type CH700 bilateral hydraulic horsepower and the new 150 series of up to 800 horsepower V8 engine torque converter transmission, vehicle dynamic performance and off-road capability beyond all currently active duty military armored combat vehicle (including type 04A infantry fighting vehicle). According to the

positioning function of our army to combat new light tank, the 105 mm rifled gun equipped with "three ammunition", in the normal fighting distance can be easily penetrated the mainstream of international arms market three generation mbt. Compared with the foreign trade type light tank VT-5, our army occupied new light tank of the main armor thickness in response to the three generation MBT, still favorably. Although

in the people's liberation army provisions, the new light weight although it belongs to the "light" category, but its combat capability completely over the way the light to earlier investigation based, to a breakthrough ability formed on the battlefield, even some of its technology more advanced than the 99A mbt.

new light tank side view of the

it is reported that the first batch of equipment of new light tank brigade southern zone existing tank equipment is 96A main battle tanks, said the new light tank facelift mainly considered the ability to deal with complex terrain (such as water, paddy field at the same time, the jungle hills etc.) its combat capability can completely replace 96A. In addition to 96A, I have about 2500 in type 59 and type 62 tanks, with enormous pressure to the new tank equipment system of a new 99A+96B+ light tank replacement can not only reduce the economic pressure, but also form a perfect armored combat system, fully adapt to China and surrounding areas of complex terrains landform.

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