Before the final exam, parents so caught, the results can rise again!

Examination parents achievement education mode

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", the final exam is coming, in China, do not pay attention to children's scores of parents almost nothing, so the next child's score and ranking again affects parents nervous. The child good grades, parents feel happy children, poor test results, parents have to worry about, but can not find the reason, so many parents at this time will blindly blame children. In fact, parents have to think about doing this will be counterproductive? Your scolding may cause the child to slowly begin to fear exams or even hate learning.

when the child grades decline, parents must remember a "unspoken rules", that is "never complain about children". This is because we believe that when a child is a problem we do not have a good job, the child can not solve the problem, it is time for us to reflect on their own educational methods. Whether teachers or parents, education only to blame themselves and not shirk to a child, can really solve the problem of children.

" first of all, parents should first clear the specific reasons for the performance decline of children, and to help children improve their performance, an antidote against the disease. ".

and communicate with their children to talk.

scores are not the most important, it is important to communicate with children. Parents have thought about the decline in children's performance is due to emotional problems caused by it? Whether adults or children, by his emotional control to do one thing, between children and teachers, classmates, and parents, these are children of emotional outbursts, when children and teachers, students and parents don't have good relations, will produce negative emotions, then the children will live in tension, anxiety, worry, if the mood control, there is no way to seriously study the child. So parents should help their children, encourage him and pull him out. It is a pity that most of the parents not only do not help the child, but to blindly scold the child, so that the child's mood".

basic knowledge is solid, affect the children's interest in learning.

today the teacher taught the knowledge points, the child did not understand the over second days, the teacher taught the new knowledge, and the children still stay in yesterday's knowledge, more and more knowledge, so as not to burden too heavy, it crushed the child, the teacher said he would not listen to the new lesson. It will slowly lose interest in learning. Whether

children habits problems.

children are not active learning at home, playing computer and mobile phone, vulnerable to external interference; need to remind parents have started to learn, this lack of self-discipline, is also a cause of child achievement; and children's learning efficiency is low, ten words back one night, to solve a maths problem. Hours, often when studying inattention;

" secondly, parents must self review their own way of education if there is a problem, which affects children's learning.

you overtuned all living and learning of the child?

every day to the children nagging, a child what to do are not pleasing in your eyes, do not let the child do this, don't let the children eat that, in the course of time, the child will have a tired of your mind. In fact, this nagging family education widespread, many parents do not understand this nagging family education is very stupid.

2 if you are a parent?

many parents, for children to learn, take an accompanying forms, all sorts of questions, endless counseling, always accompany the children to learn, so that the child's independent learning ability is not easy, and let the children do what they want to rely on their parents. Whether you are a

vie face type parents?

when the children came home with a report and your transcripts, and you pay more attention to the child is not how much, you talk about the next door who score ah, when he admitted to higher than me when the child said, you immediately face at the child said the test is so low, I ah. The child is supposed to be encouraged and persistent from you, but your words completely extinguished the children's interest.

is to your children too much?

Wang feng-f is the wish of every parent, but each person is imperfect. Many parents pay too much attention to their children, their expectations and demands are too high for children. This love will lose power and child heart the most powerful -- the power of growth to the enemy, caught the child's steps, bound the child's mind.

finally, parents in the end how to deal with the child's performance? How to help children improve performance?

eyes not only scores, more important is the child's progress.

when the child took 98 points, do not go to the harsh child why did not test the score of 100

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