Win10 comparison: guess which is the strongest?

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weifengwang· 2017-01-08 02:16:37

1. Windows 10 Home Edition: personal choice

Windows 10 system has released a year and a half, has been more and more people began to choose Windows 10. At present, Windows 10 is divided into seven versions, of which the most common is the home edition, professional edition, education edition, enterprise edition, the price and the function they have some differences, such as an ordinary consumer, in the face of so many versions should be how to choose?

" first we need to know a bit, whether it is family edition, professional edition and Enterprise Edition Windows10 Education Edition, the core of their functions are the same, such as automatic updates, Cortana voice assistant Nana, virtual desktop Edge browser, etc..

professional edition will be added to the domain, group policy management, BitLocker, enterprise IE browser (EMIE), Assigned Access 8.1. The enterprise edition function is more, so we can use these functions? The following author describes the difference between the various versions, to help you choose your own version.

Windows 10 home edition is the most common version of users, almost all of the PC will be pre installed Windows 10 home edition. This version has all the core features of Windows, such as Edge browser, Cortana Nana voice assistant, virtual desktop, Microsoft Windows Hello, iris, fingerprint login, Xbox One streaming games, etc.. Support PC, tablet, notebook computer, computer and other in use.

of course, in order to improve the security of the system, the user from the Windows Update Home Edition for the patch to make their own judgment, only zhaodanquanshou, the system will automatically install any security patches, no longer ask the user.

home edition also includes a tablet computer design called the "Continuum" function, which provides a simplified taskbar and start menu to the user, the applications will run in full screen mode. In addition, the back button will appear on the taskbar, the entire interface optimized for touch operation, start menu will also enter fullscreen mode. The function of the desktop and tablet devices to achieve a perfect transition between the experience.

Microsoft Windows Hello is an intelligent feature that allows Windows 10 users to use their face to land their devices. However, this feature is currently only to support the configuration of the depth sensing camera new device, or the user to buy the Intel RealSense developer kit.

2. Windows 10 professional edition: PC fan favorite

Windows 10 professional edition mainly for computer technology enthusiasts and enterprise technical personnel, in addition to the app store, with Windows 10 home edition of the Edge browser, Windows Hello, Tina's assistant, mainly increased the number of security classes and office functions. For example, allows users to manage equipment and applications to protect sensitive corporate data, support for remote and mobile productivity scenarios, cloud technology support. Also built in a series of Windows 10 enhanced technology. Including group policy, Bitlocker driver encryption, remote access services, domain name connection.

Bitlocker" is an encryption software with Windows, Microsoft launched from the Vista era, until now the Windows 10 system. BitLocker uses TPM to help protect the Windows operating system and user data, and to help ensure that the computer will not be tampered with, even if it is not involved, lost or stolen. BitLocker can also be used without TPM. To use BitLocker instead of TPM on your computer, you must change the default behavior of the BitLocker setup wizard by using group policy, or by using the script to configure the BitLocker. When using BitLocker instead of using TPM, the required encryption key is stored in the USB flash drive, which must be provided to unlock the data stored on the volume.

group policy is the main editing tool for administrators to define and control the sequence, network resources and the behavior of the operating system. Various software, computer, and user policies can be set by using group policy. For example, set off time, adjust the network speed limit, to prevent access to the command prompt.

3. Windows 10 Enterprise Edition: the function of the whole

Windows 10 enterprise edition is for business users to provide version, compared to the family edition, enterprise edition provides powerful function designed for business users to design, for example, without VPN can connect Direct, Access application white list supported AppLocker, through point-to-point connection sharing and download update BranchCache and other PC based on group and control strategy of the start screen.

Granular UX Control IT can make management personnel through the equipment management strategy for the specific Windows equipment user experience for customization and lock, in order to better carry out specific tasks.

as for Credential Guard (credential protection) as well as Device Guard (device protection) is used to protect Windows login credentials and restrictions on a particular PC can run applications.

and the Long Term Branch option is to allow the PC to receive only security updates and ignore other forms of updates, a feature that will take a long time to work steadily and does not require Servicing

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