There is no haze, China Star than Hayao Miyazaki fairy tale world

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"column with the stars spin, the delivery of Zhao, in the blink of an eye has entered the end of 2016. That year, astronomical phenomena of many wonderful turns into our eyes: the Perseids in August to attract many photographers around the globe chase, 70 years of the most special "super moon" is to win millions of eyeballs … … here, we select Zhang Xingkong dozens of photographers, led over parts of China, look at the shocking the most beautiful stars in 2016 Chinese.


3 5, spring comes, all things recovery in", "content_img_p". In Sichuan Prefecture of Liangshan Province, such as rape flowers bloom, as a background for the Orion constellation.

3 9 may. Icebreaker Xuelong traveling in the Prydz Bay, Antarctica, the sky in brilliant aurora is accompanied by dancing stars.

3" on Sept. 12, Beijing District of Yanqing City, the night is approaching, "fans are waiting.

3" on Sept. 21, the Milky Way center rises on the Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province Grid in the peninsula, the gas and dust in the picture, the Milky Way and dark nebulae are clearly visible.

4" on Sept. 4, the Milky Way center rises over Yunnan province stone forest. The stone forest is known as the best in all the land of wonders, is typical of Karst landform.

5" on Sept. 15, the photographer came to Fujian province Tulou, imitate the film "the" big fish Begonia picture creation this dreamlike images.

5" on Sept. 30, spring and summer, the night has been deep, residual at the beginning of the month, the Milky Way hung. Under the shining of the Xinjiang autonomous region Guozigou Canyon connecting north and south of the Tianshan mountains a wild profusion of vegetation, Guozigou bridge traffic flow.


6" on Sept. 24, Hebei Province, the Great Wall Jinshanling sky, through long time exposure, record the stars around the North Star rotating concentric circle trajectory.

6 24 July in Fujian city of Zhangzhou Province, a pair of lovers are feeling the sea the moon, the same time the romantic moment.

7 3 April in Inner Mongolia Huitengxile grassland, the photographer waved his light painting under the stars.

7" on Sept. 29, the Milky Way on like a waterfall in the Guangxi autonomous region of Chongzuo city. Astronomers in the galaxy dancing under the "2016" of the light painted words.

8" on Sept. 12, the Perseid meteor shower is like fireworks in Inner Mongolia over Hexigten Banner. The Perseid meteor shower is one of the three northern hemisphere meteor shower, in this piece of photo superposition synthesis in the meteor seems to burst out from a point near the sky, Perseus radiant is located in the Milky Way near, so named for the Perseid meteor shower.

8 13, the maximum value during the Perseid meteor shower, the magnificent scene filmed in Four Girls Mountain in Sichuan Province, the superposition of synthetic photos can be seen in the Perseid meteor many beautiful. These meteors from the comet: Swift, Tuttle, the maximum flow rate of up to 100 / hour.

8" on Sept. 13, the Perseid meteor shower to Qinghai province tea card Saline Lake, this piece of art in the synthesis of photo, two people walking hand in hand in the sea, like a dream.

8 13, Guangdong, Qingyuan, the first peak of the scenic area of the extremely rare giant jet phenomenon. Gigantic jets are a thunderstorm occurs between the cloud top and lower ionosphere discharge phenomenon. The naked eye like a blue purple lightning from the cloud quickly ejected, and like a gorgeous fireworks shot from Genting, also like a tree with branches grow fast.

8 14 July in Inner Mongolia, Ejinaqi, the summer stars dotted with dark skies, appear in the dead tree of Populus euphratica. The 2 million 500 thousand - year - old Andromeda galaxy (M31) is clearly visible in the picture, and it is interesting to see how it looks like it was about 2 million 500 thousand years ago.

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9" on Sept. 23, the Milky Way appeared in Xinjiang over the Taklimakan desert,
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