Fan Bingbing first sent Mario Zhuangshan pictorial

Fan Bingbing Zhuangshan Leo Bild

Yesyule· 2017-01-08 13:30:19

Yes Entertainment (WeChat public number) January 8th Roundup new year many artists have been busy preparing the first 2017 works for the fans, the goddess Fan Bingbing studio recently on micro-blog to share the first set of pictorial Fan Bingbing in 2017 for the fans, Fan Bingbing red collocation blue pants in the photo studio, was also known as the thin version of Mario, and the goddess version of Mario quickly also attract a large number of fans to share, but the photos of Fan Bingbing. But let pout a part of netizens' comments.

" is the work of Fan Bingbing micro-blog 5, put first illustrated multiple Fan Bingbing in 2017, wrote "in 2017 the first group Mito debut! This time Fan Xiaoshou turned super Mario, Meng handsome blingbling drops, you can still love? "Many fans are the only thin version of Mario Fan Bingbing beauty, but Fan Bingbing has been in the pictorial signs pout black, some netizens always pout on Fan Bingbing's" strong opinions "expression, and the message was also a fan of Fan Bingbing's" people will love escort message pout pout close you what happened. The icon for the phase out of the sound.

(Figure: photo taken from Fan Bingbing studio)


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