Guangzhou buckle about the ground floor of the car has a criminal record driver to break the phone to destroy evidence

Robbery mobile phone Guangzhou ground network

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Park seized foreign brand car about illegal network.

Express News correspondent Mou Xiaoyi Liu Jiajing reports repeatedly tried to uninstall network about the car platform software, mobile phone, mobile phone or on the spot fell on to destroy records during the investigation, by a thorough investigation, had turned out to be a robbery and sentenced to criminal field of car network about car drivers. Guangzhou city comprehensive law enforcement bureau announced the day before, the formal implementation of the combination of Guangzhou city network rules about the car, the Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement Bureau joint public security, traffic police and local traffic enforcement departments to carry out the rules do not meet the conditions but still operating in the field of brand network about cars special rectification action, the new year is just over 7 days, foreign brand has seized illegal network about cars 105.

have criminal convictions about the car driver operation network

law enforcement officials said, "Interim Measures" Guangzhou city network booking taxi management service management clearly stipulates that in the net about car service driver must be free of traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, 3 consecutive score cycle no record of 12 points in the record, no record of violence.

1 on the evening of 2 August, when the driver surnamed Wang driving Dongguan Ji car SG***7, carrying a total of 4 passengers arrived at the Baiyun Airport in front of the office of the city of A4 law enforcement officers seized the city of. According to passengers inside the car, the 4 of them through a taxi software linked to the driver, from Baiyun Airport to Shenzhen. Subsequently, law enforcement officers on the driver Wang were asked, but the driver anxious eyes, very nervous, hesitated for passengers denied statements give an irrelevant answer,, and in the period of investigation is repeatedly tried to uninstall the software, and even the use of mobile phone, mobile phone and other fell on "way to destroy records. In view of the driver's reaction to the scene, after the completion of the investigation and evidence collection, law enforcement agencies to investigate the joint public security information about the illegal vehicle driver information for further investigation, found that the driver had been jailed for robbery. Passengers after the scene was shocked to learn that the situation, followed by law enforcement officers will be transported safely through a taxi.

" about car drivers trying to use illegal network platform loopholes "ones, by joint law enforcement officers to investigate. The use of

platform vulnerabilities will change two license plate number

New Year's day, law enforcement officers with the Baiyun Airport Arrival Hall AB process transformation and airport traffic order, January 4th, joint law enforcement officers and seized an illegal foreign brand network about cars at Baiyun airport. The car registration number and platform information is not the same, the scene seized vehicle license plate for the Guangdong R**8** platform, but the registration is indeed Guangdong A**B**. Law enforcement officers found that the license plate in addition to five digits after the addition of into the B, the other are consistent. If not carefully observed, really difficult to distinguish the difference. In fact, the driver admitted that he wanted to use the platform vulnerabilities, sneak escape responsibility.

traffic law enforcement departments joint police thorough investigation of the illegal network about car. Multi department

united again interviewed 6 network platform

reporter learned that, in addition to strengthen road supervision, municipal transportation law enforcement bureau also jointly relevant departments to inspect the network about the car business platform through interviews or the form of home. The morning of January 4th, the Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement Bureau, city management office, passenger Department, Branch letter committee committee office, Municipal Public Security Bureau of the bus again combined for 6 home network platform company were interviewed about the car, the platform is in strict accordance with the relevant provisions, apply as soon as possible "network booking taxi license", at the same time the network platform to implement the main responsibility, to immediately stop the vehicle does not comply with the licensing conditions as soon as possible to send a single, self repaying does not have the legal qualification, does not meet the requirements of standard vehicles, and properly guide the foreign brand network about cars from the market in Guangzhou, to ensure the smooth road transport market order.

it is understood that since December 22nd last year, the first network appointment taxi driver network appointment registration starts, there are some people because of a criminal record and other issues have not passed the audit. At present the training and examination work is being carried out, to get the relevant documents in the end of this month in accordance with normal procedures, the first legitimate network about car drivers should, when network about cars will gradually move towards the normal operation of the order, and through training and assessment after the holder of the network about the car drivers can also further protect the safety of passengers traveling.

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