World Championships ninth days ago: Ding Junhui fighting small special O'Sullivan want to fight back

World Championships O'Sullivan Ding Junhui

wodetaiqiuwang· 2016-04-30 13:34:22

世锦赛第9日前瞻:丁俊晖激战小特 奥沙利文欲反击

2016 Snooker World Championships the ninth race day, and no any a final decided the final results, but many famous debut is very exciting. Ding Junhui will be with the world championships two times to beat their team Trump, launched the second round of the first two stages of the competition. O'Sullivan and Higgins of the 75 planes, proceed to the second stage contest with Hawkins, Walton. The last one into the top 16 Alan - Mark, will encounter the dark horse champion Karen - Wilson -.

and Ding Junhui Trump, the first round is a fight poise. Ding Junhui in the face of Gould, the third stage in the backward situation, even win 4 games to reverse the 10-8. Trump against Liang Wenbo, is in 3-7 disadvantage, came from behind to pass in 10-8 comeback, and Ding Junhui as withstood the test. />

tonight tomorrow morning, two people will be the first two stages of a total of 16 innings of the contest. Ding Junhui in the first round and trump are still great room for improvement, mainly reflected in take place the cue ball, attack accuracy and tight defense, and the best level is spaced a distance. The first two stages, who can play a more stable, more able to show the level of the game will be a key factor in the trend. According to each big gaming companies for the field opened the odds, trump win odds between 1.48-1.60, Ding Junhui odds of winning between 2.35-2.71, apparently Ding Junhui slightly fall leeward. But what the outcome, but also the performance of the time.

3-5 first stage behind Hawkins O'Sullivan, the second stage must launch counterattack. The first eight games O'Sullivan has played two broken hundred, but the overall state or general, Hawkins, as before the game, it does not seem to fear the Rockets, playing very confident. Of course, 13 games 25 wins, 5-3 lead is not a good advantage, if O'Sullivan can adjust the state in the second phase, or there is a lot of potential. />

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