Be careful! The 6 uses of money do not know, the key moment to emergency!

Purpose key time bank

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unemployment insurance, employment subsidies, grants, housing provident fund … these usually do not seem to be very humble money, in fact, has a small purpose. Xiaobian to introduce you to 6 and use way to apply for a sum of money, the key to emergency.

unemployment insurance payments

in some industries, the mobility of the work is relatively large. If you have temporarily lost his job very careful in reckoning, even without anxiety. An unemployment insurance will help you out in a certain period of time!


the unemployment insurance unemployment insurance is an important part of "five social insurance and one housing fund". According to the decision of the State Council executive meeting, from May 1, 2016 onwards within two years, the total rate of unemployment insurance from the current 2% to 1%~1.5%, of which the personal rate of not more than 0.5%.

2 conditions for the application of unemployment insurance

unemployed persons to receive unemployment insurance, should be in accordance with the provisions of the unemployment insurance to participate in the unit and I have been in accordance with the provisions of the obligation to fulfill the payment for 1 years.

non voluntary suspension of employment: unemployed people are willing to employment, but there is no objective employment opportunities. The

is not voluntary interruption of employment: including the employer terminate the labor contract, the employer was dismissed, removed and dismissed a variety of situations.

3 how to apply for unemployment insurance

the employer certifying daily social insurance agencies for the record;

2 for unemployment insurance claims for unemployment registration (including other materials shall be issued by the termination or rescission of the labor contract certificate, where the units issued by the job and unemployment registration certificate and the provisions of the administrative department of labor security);

on the audit of the unemployed in line with the conditions, the monthly payment of unemployment insurance obligations.

unemployed job and I in accordance with the provisions of the cumulative payment over 1 years and less than 5 years, the longest deadline to receive unemployment insurance payments for 12 months; the total payment time over 5 years and less than 10 years, the longest deadline to receive unemployment insurance payments for 18 months; the total payment of more than 10 years, to receive duration of unemployment insurance for up to 24 months.

employment subsidies

includes vocational training subsidies, employment subsidies and other subsidies for the employment of a variety of employment subsidies, employment and entrepreneurship has a great role.

1" what is the employment subsidies

employment subsidies is set up by the people's governments at or above the county level, the general public budget arrangements for special funds to promote employment and entrepreneurship.

2 employment subsidy funds, including what

employment subsidies are divided into subsidies for individuals and units, public employment service capacity building grants two categories.

capital subsidies to individuals and units for occupation training subsidies, occupation skill appraisal subsidies, social insurance subsidies, subsidies for public service jobs, employment training subsidies, job subsidies and other business expenses; the public employment service ability construction grant funds for employment service subsidies and subsidies expenditure of high skilled talents.

social insurance subsidies

for employment difficulties, etc., social security subsidies can enjoy an important guarantee.

1 what is social security allowance?

enjoy social insurance subsidies, including the employment difficulties of personnel and college graduates, etc..

holding employment difficult personnel "unemployment registration certificate" of the self-employed or engaged in flexible employment, can enjoy the basic old-age insurance, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity five social insurance subsidies.

2 social security subsidies for the process of

application to the streets (community) indicate the human resources and social security agencies stamped, engaged in flexible employment unit, address, post, working hours, income and other content related documents.

staff will be related to the proof of materials and payment bills reported financial approval, the subsidy funds to individuals.

note: specific processing conditions and procedures, please consult the relevant local departments.

3 social security subsidies to enjoy what treatment?

subsidies for the longest period of not more than 3 years, the first time to enjoy social security subsidies from the statutory retirement age of less than 5 years of employment difficulties can be extended to retirement. Subsidies for the implementation of the first payment".

individual operators can be paid in accordance with the enterprise insurance payment method to pay part of the unit to give full social insurance subsidies; can also be insured by the flexible employment, give subsidies to pay social insurance premiums 60%.

note: please refer to the relevant local departments for specific treatment.

housing provident fund

in many people's view, the housing accumulation fund only with the housing related. But in fact, in many places, family members suffering from serious illness, such as hospitalization, workers can also extract provident fund.

" for emergency workers paid housing provident fund for many years is really "timely rain".

1 housing provident fund deposit and how to extract the

unit and the employees housing provident fund is a long-term housing savings deposit. According to the "housing provident fund management

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