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Please respect the child's time, 99% of parents do not know the secret

Children parents secrets educational methods

365jiachangzhihuiketang· 2017-01-08 22:46:57

once, the parents told the child's pet phrase is "walk slowly, carefully slip" "eat slowly, carefully choke", now the child heard the most is "hurry to eat" hurry "homework" "hurry up" playing "go to sleep". Even "come to play".

bear children how so slow!

every time I see her two-year-old daughter awkwardly and slowly lift a small spoon to eat, take 5 minutes to eat a mouthful, around on the side of himself, first kept pressing "hurry up", if to not work, just grab a spoon to feed a meal.

every day at half past seven in the morning I was very angry, seeing to be late, five year old son still slowly pick up the bag, wearing shoes, I usually very gently urged his son to see his son two times, unmoved, suddenly lioness's roar, then go to school every day like war.

children's Museum, children in sports transmission, not to mind taking the trouble to run around, turn the handle, watching the ball forward, fall, go...... In the side of the mother agitated to walk around: "old play a what is the meaning? Play this is no time to play the rest! "She took the child away No time is allowed for explanation.. The child is struggling to turn back......

urged even for scenes, not unfamiliar to most parents? Adults always want their children to follow their own ideas, their own pace. In fact, the rhythm of life and the rhythm of life and the rhythm of life of adults and children are very different. Children have their own rhythm, for them, the most comfortable feeling, the most smooth, the most favorable is to adapt to the natural rhythm. If the child's life rhythm is too fast, it will affect the body's hormone secretion, the body and mind will cause damage.

why do parents keep urging their children? Because parents think the child is too slow, disrupt their rhythm, and in turn disrupt the child's rhythm.


parents don't let children lose at the starting line, the success of oriented education, higher faster and better standards...... Make yourself think is the right standard in accordance with the parents to the child, like a mother with a child in a hurry walk on the piano on the road, a battle of tension. Among them, the child's rhythm problems are generally ignored.

weekend, holidays, parents let their children to eat meal, do homework, painting, piano...... The children not only in school under a variety of fast-paced pressure, out of the gate is still not free. Parents ignore the most important point: the weekend should not only be a relaxed day, but also to understand the needs of the child's time.

parents urged to return, but the child still can not get up. Education experts believe that parents simply do not look at the rhythm of the child's eyes, because they are eager to synchronize with their children. Parents will think we are a family, a whole, have a common rhythm of life, this is as unalterable principles.

's deep-seated subconscious has largely hindered parents from taking into account the child's special feelings. A slow, dreamy, drag - and - on - the - go - off anxiety and anxiety of parents, they seem to see the future of their children 's daily behavior and activity.

finally let the children realize that this is a lack of, thus buried in the future cause anxiety of children. Parents may not see these, they see only the competition, as well as the future increasingly fierce competition, they become sensitive, the holes in their lives and empty full of panic, so naturally act as a child's coach, even the devil coach.

to respect the child's child, is a normal phenomenon in life, it can educate children, help children adapt to the outside world. However, when the urge to excessive performance in the relationship with the child, usually because of their parents' anxiety. When parents are unable to overcome these anxiety, the child will be passed on to these anxiety, the injury occurs unconsciously.

are often urged to go to parents, the child will question their rhythm of life, that is their problem, or parents gradually recognized and become a similarly anxious person, or in a very slow way of life, the expression of parental anger in the passive way of procrastination.

of course, it's not fair to blame parents, because parents are under great pressure. Social situation is no longer conducive to the rhythm of the development of the human body, to find a suitable way to take care of the children and guide children is more and more difficult. From the deep meaning of the study, keen fast-paced, race against time is a human subconscious.

if often feel forced to accelerate the pace of life, very tired but can't stop, that is because our subconscious need to overcome a fear of young parents and teachers fear, fear of death, the negative state of fear, and fear of depression, emptiness and confusion.

education is a long process, "a thousand miles,

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