Pan Xiaoting "extraordinary partner" staged a big counterattack first change partner Peihemoqi

Pan Xiaoting

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潘晓婷《非凡搭档》上演大逆袭 首换搭档配合默契

< strong > first change partner tacit pan unloading pressure significantly strength

according to the format for a new partner, many guests are facing a problem: needs and new partners to re adjust, adapt to each other's rhythm. This thing is tricky and wrong, unfavorable quickly enter the game to win the final victory. But the situation is clearly not occurring in the new Jin combination between Pan Xiaoting, the original and jade. Despite the loss of strength partner Li Xiaopeng, but pan or in as short time with new partner raw and jade reached a tacit agreement, the original and jade arrogate to oneself companion giving greater space, which gave Xiao Ting great confidence: "before the game even drag Xiaopeng legs), I will did not dare take the initiative to seek to try repeatedly, but the original and jade will encourage me to try to do more." In the warm man to encourage inclusion, Pan Xiaoting gradually put down the competitive pressure of the feeling, with a more calm attitude to face the game. Facts have proved that adjust the mentality of "nine days after the ball" really more war Yong, again and again in the "tug of war by ear", "you draw I guess" link to zero error shows the performance of the general, completely reversing the decline in the second phase of the program in the "bottom".

< strong > strategizing when "adviser" "9-Ball strategy" the ultimate achievement lore

into the third phase of the game, more adapt to the event Pan Xiao Ting adept at strategizing characteristics has gradually emerged. Not only in the process of taking the lead in the course of the ride to win points: "this is particularly difficult to take a taxi, since there is now a car, we will have to stay at the location of each get drivers." To avoid delay in the road. And in all the guests are pointless "curling" game, pan Xiaoting first "resuscitation", citing strategic billiards, in "accuracy, the angle and strength" and partner of a lot of detailed discussion, eventually, by a large margin, first complete game, not only help to form the single champions, promote personal ranking jumped by total ranked second place. It seems, nine days after the ball really began to get angry! "

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